Rob Stern Of Action Pals

I was just perusing Funny Or Die when I stumbled upon this video…

It’s a parody of this Domino’s Pizza commercial

Googled him up and found out that he’s name is Rob Stern and he’s a part of a comedy sketch team called Action Pals…  Here he is in a comedy skit called “Club Staches”…

Rob Stern stache 01

Rob Stern stache 04

Rob Stern stache 02

Rob Stern stache 03

You can find more photos of him from their photo shoot for Chinese Dick Trap.

Rob Stern 002

Rob Stern 005

Here are more videos of the very handsome Rob Stern…

<begin nerd alert>
And, yes, I agree with the funny review.  It’s a great game but it still can’t
touch the greatness of Resident Evil 4 (especially on the Gamecube).
<end nerd alert>

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