While Eating M&M’s Peanuts, I Thought Of Manuel Martinez


Manolo Martinez Estigmas 302

While I was at work last night, I took a break and bought M&M’s Peanuts from a vending machine.  I was the only one in the break room at the time while enjoying the hospital-like quiet sound, save for the low and constant buzzing of the refrigerators.  And as I ate my candy, I thought of Manuel Martinez as I stared at the two Ms on the yellow packaging.  I then thought about my obsession with correlating everything I would see with big, bearish men.  It then led me to a minor philosophical moment where I started to dwell on the very basic foundation of human life: “appetites”…

We literally & non-literally want and need someone and something and it’s this constant “appetite” that would keep us going.  I then thought of the much-abused archetypal image of the Ouroboros where the dragon or snake forms a circle by swallowing its own tail.  That even in its basic sense, the “act of eating” of the Ouroboros is the only “feasible” visual action that can represent our oneness with ourselves — how the people and things we lust are eventually and ultimately unimportant for we are our own unique self, a vessel of isolation, and the actual contents of that metaphorical fruit of knowledge…

Manuel Martinez 308What the — what the F?!

Lol, yeah, that’s a WTF-moment there if any.  I had to get that out of my system, and to make up for my propaganda, here are photos of the ever-woofy Manuel Martinez.  I still don’t know when his film Estigmas is coming out, but here are more images from it as well as more shot put photos.

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 301

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 302a

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 303

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 304

Manolo Martinez Estigmas 305

Gotta add this video…  This man is unbelievably beefy, it’s crazy.

Manuel Martinez 301My God…  Just perfect…

Manuel Martinez 302

Manuel Martinez 305

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8 comments on “While Eating M&M’s Peanuts, I Thought Of Manuel Martinez

  1. bobbygee says:

    This is funny. My wife loves M&M peanuts plus anything chocolate. I get it– Brilliant. Bobby Gee Check out my blog
    This is Biblical…

  2. vandebear says:

    I love manuel martinez, I thikn he’s one of the most beautiful men in the world. What I would give just to be with him 😀

  3. fergus1 says:

    I take it from your discourse on hunger that you’re still single. This man needs a man, people! (On the other hand if he found one, he might not be motivated to continue this wonderful blog.)

    • I will sacrifice my personal life for the entertainment of others. I want to be like Mother Theresa who feeds on you hungry bear admirers. ^_^ But I appreciate the hookup anyway. 🙂

  4. chilabear says:

    Que hombre!! Lo amo!

  5. Todofores says:

    Is Martinez a homosexual in real life?

  6. Dan says:

    He is one of the most gorgeous man alive to me. I can’t stop looking at his photos…lol. WOW, but I love my bear too ;o)

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