Shirtless Saturday: Duff Goldman Of “Ace Of Cakes”

Duff Goldman-00002
Like, OHMYGOD, like Duff Goldman is like right beside me, and like, he's like all shirtless and stuff and, he's like so hot and sexy and stuff, and like -- WTF?! -- I have the Food Network HD logo on my belly!

Peter C. was kind enough to point out to me that in Season 7, Episode 1 of Ace Of Cakes, Chef Duff Goldman got shirtless to swim in the icy waters of Alaska.  Not only that, he took the following screenshots as well.  Oy vey!

And if anyone knows how we can find a video clip of this, then I would be forever in your debt…

Duff Goldman-00001

Duff Goldman-00004

Duff Goldman-00006

Duff Goldman-00007

Duff Goldman-00008

Duff Goldman-00009

Duff Goldman-00017

Duff Goldman-00018

Duff Goldman-00019

Duff Goldman-00020

21 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Duff Goldman Of “Ace Of Cakes””

  1. To the guy who said he’s a jerk, not true. As a friend of his ill tell you right now, total sweetheart.

  2. ive been waiting and hoping that they’d find a way to show him without a shirt. Its even better than I’ve imagined. Thank you for posting.

    1. I agree i mean I thought he was hot before but when i say this… I wish I was on in alaska where he was at on that day… I think I would gone wild :>

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