Russell Hantz: “The Russell Seed”

A little bit busy today so I don’t have any Russell Hantz screenshots from last night’s episode of Survivor: Samoa.  But here is practically all of his delicious scenes from last night…  (It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t have his gray boxer briefs anymore.)

Alright, alright, here's a rear shot from last week's episode... ;)
Alright, alright, here's a rear shot from last week's episode... 😉

To those who have been watching the show, I would  like to have a discussion with the decision to vote Ben out instead of Ashley…

My opinion?  Ben was the right person to be voted out; however, he was voted out for the wrong reason.  He was voted out simply because of the “ghetto trash” comment he made at Yasmin from the second episode.  Ben is definitely a jerk of all spades, but he was verbally abused by Yasmin who was aggressive and rude from the get-go.  She had it coming, Ben got defensive and blurted out a term to hurt her, then the “race card” was used by Jaison to ridiculous levels.

Russell was pretty much overpowered by Jaison as it’s very dangerous waters to tread on a sensitive issue.  I personally found it a bit humorous to get all bent out of shape to bring up racism and discrimination in a “survival of the fittest/wiliest/etc”-type of game then play up the sympathy card for someone using the term “ghetto trash.”

How about you win the game now simply because you are a minority?

Though “ghetto trash” might not be the best of thing to say, I’m sure if Yasmin called him “white trash,” there won’t be any backlash against her.  I’m just getting sick and tired of the hypocrisy that we live through every day.  One racism or any “ism” is better over the other simply because of their “history” (a comment that Jaison made boldly known at Tribal Council).

Anyway, I’m a bit peeved off because Russell’s plan was overpowered by Jaison’s “whiny bitching” (yes, I went there).  Nevertheless, the show’s getting a lot more interesting with this turn of events.  I just hope Russell makes it all the way… with Shambo, of course…

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18 thoughts on “Russell Hantz: “The Russell Seed””

  1. Larry, I think that you’re taking what I’m saying too seriously. And, for that, I apologize. I tend to be very opinionated and when I discuss politics and religion, I’m a bit on a “sarcastic” side. I did not mean to offend, but rather just wanted to make light of the discussion. In no way did I want to offend you. As I’ve reiterated many times, my main discussion is at Jaison’s “racially-charged insults” accusation.

    However, Larry, I may have gotten a bit insensitive simply because the way you would belittle my comments in CHUD by describing my initial attempts to defend Hate Crime legislation as “hypotheticals.” I’m explaining to you where I’m coming from but you pretty much labeled me as a backseat philosopher and have no clue as to what I really believe in. Honestly, that is insulting, but I guess I deserve it for belittling that Doll Test video.

    But, we’re coming from two different viewpoints and you did not even acknowledge my viewpoint on it. The test is basically an entrapment for kids.

    Can you show me the doll that you like best?
    Can you show me the doll that is the nice doll?
    And why is that the nice doll?
    Can you show me the doll that looks bad?
    And why does that look bad?
    And can you give me the doll that looks like you?

    The test is MANIPULATIVE. They get asked to pick their “preference” over a toy then suddenly confuse the children by suddenly making the doll as a real person — and especially making the doll them. Did you notice that girl’s expression when she was told to pick the doll that looked like her after her saying that the black doll looked bad?

    These tests are fairer than Dr. Kenneth Clark’s Doll Test:

    – Three dolls with 3 different color skin: white, black, green.
    – If you insist on just having 2 dolls, begin the question by asking them which doll looks like them. In this way, you are already setting up the child to think that the test is about her/him.
    – Do not be facetious with the questions where the child is FORCED to pick one over the other. Unfortunately, by giving just 2 dolls, you are FORCING them to pick one over the other.

    Here’s a test that anyone can do. On a sheet of paper, draw two circles and color one as black and color the other as white. Now ask ANYBODY which color is the “nice color.” Guess what answer you’ll get? Whether it’s the 1940s or 2040 or if you’re 5 or 105, chances are most people will pick the white circle as the “nice color.” Think about this: the Yin and Yang symbol. What do they represent? The polarity and synthesis of opposites. What does the black half represent? Evil, bad, and possibly every negative description you can put in it. Does that mean that black people are evil and bad?

    And, please, I know you want to step aside from this conversation, but please see where I’m coming from as well. We have differing opinions simply because we have completely different perspectives. Please don’t label me as being “hypothetical” again as if you really pay attention to what I’m saying, you might see the futility of such “Doll Tests” and will only be used as a scare/sympathy tactic to the plight of black people. Not to say that it’s “bad,” but it’s the “wrong” way of proving one’s point.

  2. You clearly didn’t watch the video. That’s okay, but don’t comment on it or dismiss it as if you did.

    I read through your CHUD thread, honestly it bogged down with so many hypotheticals I wasn’t persuaded in either direction. Constructing hypotheticals to argue these points is always difficult, since naturally people think of situations that support their point.

    The Robbins article you quoted was full of bare assertions without much evidence. For example, community intimidation is often brought up when talking about hate crimes. Robbins said a general crime would intimidate more people in a community than a focused, hateful act. But that’s not the point. Hate crime legislation is not a numbers game. It’s never designed to protect the MOST people in a community… it almost by definition can’t, because it focuses on smaller groups.

    I also find it amusing and a bit sad that the Robbins article, which acts like it’s above identity politics, has a byline basically saying, “Look, I’m a Jew with credibility”.

    Instead of hypotheticals, how do you feel about these actual situations:

    * Vandalism spraypainting a house with tags versus spraypainting a house with a swastika
    * Killing a citizen, or killing a policeman
    * Here in NYC, we have special laws protecting train conductors on the subway. If you attack them it is a much stiffer penalty.

    I also think it’s a huge copout with issues like this to say “we should fix EVERYTHING, until then no one should get special treatment.” This is the same line of reasoning that leads well-meaning liberals to say “Marriage as an institution is flawed, I believe all marriages should be abolished (or all marriages should be civil ceremonies).” That’s great, and a straight person has the luxury of holding that belief all day long while they can still get married and tell US to be patient.

    1. You clearly didn’t watch the video. That’s okay, but don’t comment on it or dismiss it as if you did.

      You are correct. I didn’t watch the whole thing because I’m already against this very unfair test. But I did watch it fully now and I’m glad I did because it just completely proved to me just how manipulative and unethical this test is.

      When you ask a very young child to pick 2 choices, he/she will pick one as an answer. A child has no concept of the “grey” area. You ask for a choice, you will get a direct response.

      How about this: give a green doll and a black doll, guess who do you think the child would pick as the “ugly” doll? The doll is just a doll and not a human being. Now, how about actually put real people instead of dolls? Can you even begin to realize just how manipulative and downright unconscionable that is? Is the doll test better and “ethical” because they’re inanimate toys? It is not, because the questions later transform as though the dolls were human beings.

      So what exactly do you want to get out of the test? You want the black children to pick the black dolls as “pretty” while white children will pick the white dolls as “pretty”? Okay, let’s say that is the case. You just taught the black child to think that white dolls (ergo, white people) as “ugly.” Is that the whole point?

      I’ll respond to the rest of your points later as I’m neglecting to actually post in this blog. 😉 But I truly appreciate this conversation with you. In a way, I want you to convince me back to where I used to staunchly support Hate Crime legislation (again, I only brought Hate Crimes as Jaison is a law student — please don’t forget that this conversation is directed at Jaison and not at the whole black community).

      1. I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to step out of this conversation. You are coming to this argument with too clouded a filter to even address my points with respect. I appreciate that you want to be argued back, but I suggest you examine how you actually feel and make your own decision instead of letting others form your positions.

        Nowhere in that video does the proctor ever try to teach the children anything. Nowhere in the video are the words “pretty” or “ugly” uttered in reference to the dolls. I’m glad the video “completely proved” some kind of point to you despite the fact that you didn’t view it with any kind of rigor.

        These black children see dolls that look like them, and most of them think they are “bad”. There is great sadness in that, and the lack of progress in getting the same results from the test as we did in the 1940s. I’m not interested in constructing a series of battling hypotheticals like in your CHUD thread. These were real kids, a real test, these were the actual results. These kids think their own skin color makes them bad. That is awful.

        The video also clearly touched on the lasting effects of being kidnapped from one country and enslaved in another. They and their parents still encounter direct racism, their grandparents and great-grandparents may have had to drink from separate water fountains. Go up the tree much further and many black people don’t even know where their ancestors came from, except “Africa”. Can you imagine if we wiped away all Asian history and lumped those cultures all together? Do you think that would have an effect on the racial identities of those countries? If instead of being able to talk about who makes the best Chicken Adobo, you could only vaguely point at all the countries and say “Well, I like stuff with meat and rice?”

        I truly appreciate the work you do in the blog and the links and pictures you post. I think it’s best if I just stick to enjoying that.

  3. Your assumption is correct about my stance on gay hate crime legislation. I used to support it, as well as supporting “Hate Crime” in general.

    If you’re interested, you can check out how I was swayed from being a staunch supporter of Hate Crime legislation to being against it:

    I often hear Gay Rights referred to as “Special Rights”:
    (my moniker there is “voltes5”)

    You’ll see me break down as certain folks truly convinced me that Hate Crime legislation does weaken our criminal justice system and self-defense rights in page 3:

    But, no, I am not against varying degrees of murder and manslaughter. That’s why I used an example of a baseball bat for two different “types” of individuals. My whole point is that two identical crimes will result in two wholly different outcomes simply because the other person belongs to a specific minority.

    To act as if black people should get over something their parents or grandparents lived through is ignorant. And to act as if the black children of today are starting from equality is naive.

    We would just have to agree to disagree on this one. The very concept of embracing this mentality is even more ignorant. We have a black president and people still want to dwell about the past and to really believe that there is no equality for today’s children. What other proof do you want to show you that black people are being treated as equals?

    Equality will never exist if we continue to think that way as well as continuing on with our Hate Crime laws. You want the homophobic straight man to hate you even further? Mission accomplished by giving gays and blacks “special” laws. Gays and blacks need “special” protection because why exactly?

    To be treated as equal human beings, you treat them equally. It’s so fundamentally basic but people would rather hold on to the past and even using other people’s pain as their own — as if they went through slavery and segregation themselves. To me, it reeks of self-serving duplicity… And basically, that was my whole point about Jaison from Survivor.

    As far as that video is concerned. I agree, it’s very heartbreaking to see children do that. But it was from the 1940s and America was a different place back then. Jaison grew up in a much different America — an America where he’s able to go to school and become a law student. Where is the inequality here? You’re telling me that black people should be treated more differently because their grandmothers used to think this way about black and white dolls? You’re telling me that a white person TODAY won’t feel the same type of empathy for seeing something like that?

    This is my whole point. Those who didn’t live through such horrible discrimination use it as a tool to earn sympathy from others. Remember, I’m specifically talking about Jaison here and I’m not talking about ALL black people. Remember: Jaison is a 28 year old law student. By doing so, people like Jaison make people like Ben as though they are currently plantation owners with black slaves working for them. Folks like Jaison use the “sins of the fathers”-card to remind folks like Ben that he needs to be “specially” sensitive to him because of what his people went through. To me, that’s completely ridiculous. You want equality in this world? Then stop using “race” or “gay” or “handicap” or “old” as an excuse. Own up as a person and not as a “minority.”

  4. But history does matter when it comes to racism. If one group has more than the other, their racism has more impact. It doesn’t make racism okay from anyone, but it’s naive to say that they cancel each other out.

    1. Let me put it this way:

      Most heterosexuals are against gay marriage because “marriage” is a long-standing “tradition” practiced between heterosexual couples.

      So does this “history” of “traditional marriage” matter? Apparently, it does. Look at Prop 8…

      The homophobe who supported Prop 8 is no different from Jaison using “history” to talk about the alleged “racial insult.” “Ghetto trash”? Come on. You mean to say that white people don’t live in the ghettos? It’s stretching it and using it as a crutch to pinpoint what “his people” have gone through. I’m sorry, unless you were a slave or lived during segregated America, you have no right to “own” to the plight of others.

      Again, let’s use an example:

      Let’s say Joe A is fat. Throughout history, fat people have been the source of many jokes and hate. Someone then committed a violent crime to Joe A because he was fat. Let’s say Joe A got beat up violently with a baseball bat. The criminal goes to jail for a year.

      Let’s say Joe B is black. Throughout history, black people have been the source of many jokes and hate. Someone then committed a violent crime to Joe B because he was black. Let’s say Joe B got beat up violently with a baseball bat. The criminal goes to jail for a year. And add a “Hate Crime” to the judicial proceedings, the criminal goes to jail longer, let’s say 5 more years.

      Notice something? Where’s the equality of justice in that? Both people got violated in the same way, but since Joe B was black, his justice was given additional preferential treatment.

      It’s very simple what I’m advocating here: Equality.

      Equality in love and equality in justice.

      Not one person is better than another person…

      1. Well, first, we can then assume you are against gay hate crime legislation as well.

        Are you also against varying degrees of murder and manslaughter? If I take a gun and shoot someone, it doesn’t matter what the context of the incident was? Even ruling out self-defense and accidental death, just focusing on the crime of murder, there are different consequences based on the context of the crime.

        Black people have, and continue to have, a completely different history than any other minority in America, because their origin on this continent was FORCED. Years of slavery are long gone, but their effects have cascaded through our culture ever since. The Civil Rights movement was 1968. In Odessa, Texas, do you know when they outlawed segregation in high schools? 1982. To act as if black people should get over something their parents or grandparents lived through is ignorant. And to act as if the black children of today are starting from equality is naive.

        A study from the 1940s showed that little black girls preferred white dolls over black. It was recreated in 2005, in New York City, one of the most diverse cities in the world. Out of 21 girls, 15 of them liked the white doll better.

        History matters. Coded language matters. Those of us that are minorities should be particularly sensitive to that.

  5. Nice ass shot.WOOF!Maybe those boxer briefs are just In the wash.Lets hope he didn’t toss them.Hey Russ! You need me to send you a 3 pack?
    Yeah,I too think Ben got booted for the wrong reason.


  7. Yep. Russell is so woofy, it hurts (in all the right places). I just hope, hope, hope they let his chest hair grow in (he obviously shaves, but i might be wrong). As if I could take anymore effing hotness. As for Jaison and Ben, I thought that was the right move. Ben was such a d-bag. And yeah, the “ghetto trash” comment was way over the line. I’m glad Jaison had the guts to stand up to that crap. I just hope they bring Russell’s boxer briefs back. Where the heck was he hiding those package-repressing colorful trunks he had on this week? Didn’t notice when he arrived. I suspect some producer got nervous about his juicy man-dangly bits swinging about. Sigh. Bring back the boxer briefs!

  8. I agree with you! I thought the same thing when Jaison was going off on Ben; is this what’s surviving has come to, throwin down race cards and pitty parties,… thanks for the bent over shot of Russell, btw. . . . wow…..i need to go change my shorts now 😉

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