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Shirtless Saturday: Naked Chubby Bears In Gain Detergent With Febreze Ads

My favorite advertising website, AdsOfTheWorld, has posted an unbelievable set of ads from Gain Detergent With Febreze.  Now if only that detergent does truly remove people’s clothings, especially on such fantabulous big men…

Gain Fabreze - Chef
"Please, God, don't let that guy order the 'naked burly chef served only with rye and mayo'... again!"

Ads Of The World

Gain Fabreze - Gym
Lady was found OD'ed on Orange Gatorade for forgetting to stop drinking while on an exercise bike...

Ads Of The World

Bruce Wilhelm: Classic Strongman In 1979 Miller Lite Commercial

[Unfortunately, the owner of this video’s account has been suspended.  I mentioned that I love YouTube, but on the other hand, I hate them too!  This truly sucks.  –May 1, 2008]

I can’t help stop loving YouTube.  Where else could I find classic gems
such as a Bruce Wilhelm beer commercial?

Bruce Wilhelm was another favorite classic strongman of mine.  He was brash and cocky but actually delivered the goods by consecutively winning the World’s Strongest Man competition in 1977 and 1978.  (As a sidenote, strongman/pro-wrestler, Ken Patera, had actually called him out on TV to wrestle him, but, alas, I don’t think that such a bear showdown ever came to fruition.)  Mr. Wilhelm’s 70’s hairstyle, especially his thick sideburns, was definitely sexy.  It’s a shame that you don’t see that kind of hairstyle on today’s powerlifting athletes.  Check out Mr. Wilhelm’s official site for more photos of this powerhouse of a woofy person.

And here’s my favorite photo of him that was sorely missing in his official site:

Cliff Bemis: IHOP Bear


Cliff Bemis was this woofy daddy bear who appeared in a series of IHOP commercials back in the late ’90s.  He had that very pleasant and next-door neighbor type of demeanor that I typically fall in love with.  I’ve looked everywhere for some videos of his commercials, but sadly, I could not find any.  I’m sure they’re out there somewhere.

iHOP: Order Apples with your iPhone!

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Colossal Savings From Colossal Clothing

Hey guys (sorry gals), if you’re tall, big, and/or muscular (and if you are any of that, I am quite frankly jealous) head on over to Chubarama for BIG News from Colossal Clothing.

Basically, just for being a Chubarama reader, you get immediate 20% savings if you use the discount code “Chubarama” when checking out your order(s).  Sounds pretty sweet.  I checked out the clothing line myself and as an admirer/chaser, I give the company’s catalog a thumbs up.  You big guys will definitely look great with these apparels.

They also have cute models in them.  Furthermore, I love what they said here:

Colossal isn’t straight or gay, black or white, big or tall. We’re cool with everyone, and think everyone should have the opportunity to be cool.

Gotta support a company with that type of philosophy!

Jeff Saturday: Series of TV Ads for ACE

Starting Center for the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Saturday, is one damn fine woofy bear.  He has those deep and hypnotic, penetrating eyes.  He also has the most perfect beard I have ever seen on anybody.

Jeff Saturday Collage 1

Jeff has a series of humorous ads for ACE, a men’s grooming supplies company.  Links below will lead you to these commercials…

ACEforMen Official Site
ACEforMen on YouTube

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