3 thoughts on “Vintage John Goodman Ads”

  1. OH. MY. BEARGOD!!!
    you guys actually have John’s Schnapp’s ad?
    I had heard about it, and the old fojg site had a fuzzy copy maybe a fourth of that size, but you can really see it’s John in this one!

    He looks so THIN!
    That smirk! that TOE! (you tease, John!)
    That lucky whore getting to ply him with alcohol and have her way with him!!! (out of my way, BITCH!!)

    THANK YOU!!!

    (btw, you haven’t found the Crest-? toothpaste or Chunky Soup ads, do you?)

  2. This diet commercial is so out-of-date and cheesy… but John is so hot, already!

    Why Calvin Klein doesn’t hire him now for a underwear campaign?

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