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Shirtless Saturday: Artie Lange & John Scurti

My good buddy, D.T., has a very awesome treat for us and it’s a 2-for-1 special.  It’s a shirtless scene between Artie Lange and John Scurti from an episode of Season 4 of Rescue Me.  (If anyone knows which episode this is from — paging Mr. D.T. — please let us know.)

I have been waiting for John Scurti to get fully shirtless and, of course, it happens on a season where I stopped watching it.  He did get shirtless before but not like this.  And, as a bonus to boot, we get Artie Lange shirtless and also doing the wild thing.

I have other bears to post about from Rescue Me (specifically about someone’s uncle), but a previous post I made about the show was about Lyndon Byers.  In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots of two woofy chubby bears…

Artie Lange - Rescue Me 01

Artie Lange - Rescue Me 05

Artie Lange - Rescue Me 07

Artie Lange - Rescue Me 08

Artie Lange - Rescue Me 09

John Scurti - Rescue Me 01

John Scurti - Rescue Me 02

John Scurti - Rescue Me 04

John Scurti - Rescue Me 05

John Scurti - Rescue Me 08

John Scurti - Rescue Me 11

John Scurti - Rescue Me 12

And as an even more added bonus, D.T. uploaded this awesome short video clip.  It’s very short, but unbelievably way too hot…