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Pierre Niles: Memphis Tigers

Saturday.  College Hoops.  Final Four.  Ah, yes, I always look forward to watching these games.

First game today is UCLA against Memphis.  If I could, I’d put one trillion dollars on Memphis.  Lol.  Actually, I didn’t think that they could even beat Texas — furthermore, to even beat Texas by 18 points!

Anyway, maybe I’m just mesmerized by the Tigers’ massive Forward, Pierre Niles.

Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor: There Should Be More NBA Players Like This Bear

…Unfortunately, he won’t be playing anytime soon in the NBA as he’s now playing professionally in Puerto Rico — while serving probation and home confinement during the offseason.  You see, Mr. Traylor had pleaded and was found guilty for tax fraud and there’s a tragic story surrounding it in this article: Tractor Traylor Derailed.  His story would make a great movie.

<sighs> … Another big woofy bear that I’ll be missing in the sports channels…  As a tribute to the woofiest bear in the NBA (sorry, Shaq), here’s a collage of Robert the Tractor Traylor: