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BeerBellyBear Hulks Out!

Sometimes you gotta get vulgar and go: FUCKING FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!!!!!

Tommy, aka BeerBellyBear, has a series of YouTube videos that are a musclechub lover’s wet dream.  The above video is just one of my all-time favorites and he did it in honor of YouTube’s IHulkOut.  But if I had to make the decision between IHulkOut and BeerBellyBear, well the decision ain’t too tough at all: Triple B FTW!

BeerBellyBear beerCheck out Tommy’s Flickr Page.  I dare you not to explode.

BeerBelly Bear 01I can’t believe that this magnificent behemoth would visit this blog.
I am so incredibly honored.  ARRRRROOOOOooooo!!!!!!
And he knows more about bears than I do!  WTH?!  ^_^

BeerBelly Bear 02Dangnabbit!   Who wouldn’t fall under his spell?