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Scotty Biggs: Cute Pro-Wrestling Cub

NOTE: Mr. Scotty Biggs is not a homosexual.  If for some reason, you feel compelled to be vulgar and sexually explicit to him, I urge you to not do so.  Apparently, this blog is being mentioned while these inconsiderate people send inappropriate emails to Mr. Scotty Biggs.  Folks.  Please.  Stop it.


It’s a shame that the current pro-wrestling scene (i.e., Vince McMahon’s empire) lack a number of bear/chub candy for today’s fans.  Luckily for the independent scene, that is where the bigger pro-wrestlers tend to go to.

Here is one such wrestler who is currently a GWAlliance Heavyweight Champion: Scotty Biggs.  Will the WWE even have a Heavyweight Champion that would look like that?  Or will their stable of big men end up being a “goofy character” (ala “Festus”) or a parody (ala non-wrestling “Big Dick Johnson”)?  This is a very important and pressing issue that is far more important than Global Warming or Worldwide Hunger.

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