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Billy Keenly Pimping Bing.com

A year ago, Chubarama posted this hilarious video that starred Billy Keenly.  I then clicked on a Bing.com advertisement on YouTube and pleasantly found Billy in it:

Anyways, so I went to Bing.com and went straight to the Images search and typed in “musclechub” (Bing.com’s musclechub results) and got 5 images.  Lol.   And that’s with Safe Search off.  I then didn’t try the rest because the Image search is a dealbreaker for me (the actual search might actually be spectacular).  Anyway, here’s more of Billy Keenly from that Microsoft commercial.  Billy has a MySpace page too and check out his Serious Lunch comedy troupe.

Billy Keenly bing 01

Billy Keenly bing 02

Billy Keenly bing 03