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Steven Page: Come On Now, Now, Enjoy The Humour Of The Situation

Ah, Mr. Steven Page.  What a good boy.  Not quite sure if he was hanging around with some conventioneers in New York (Hello City!) when they were arrested due to possession of cocaine.  I thought his party-time necessity was alcohol?  After all, who needs sleep?  Well, you’re never gonna get it.  Apparently, marijuana was also involved.  Abusing it, you will definitely never do anythingPinch me, is this really for real?  Why wasn’t he careful and hid them all in a shoebox?  Actually, I wouldn’t worry too much about this.  You’re a rock star, but also human.  It’s all been done before.  I love you Steven Page, as you are my alternative girlfriend.  Your music have helped me through tough times.  When my retina detached a few years ago, and I was pretty much blind for a month, I kept playing your Barelaked Nadies DVD even though I couldn’t watch it clearly.  You have a beautiful voice and it kept me going through that bad time…

And, Mr. Page, to conclude…

A is for asshole, which is what I am, how rude of me.
I owe you an apology I’m sorry.

All Hail Google.  Got that awesome photo from here.