Steven Page: Come On Now, Now, Enjoy The Humour Of The Situation

Ah, Mr. Steven Page.  What a good boy.  Not quite sure if he was hanging around with some conventioneers in New York (Hello City!) when they were arrested due to possession of cocaine.  I thought his party-time necessity was alcohol?  After all, who needs sleep?  Well, you’re never gonna get it.  Apparently, marijuana was also involved.  Abusing it, you will definitely never do anythingPinch me, is this really for real?  Why wasn’t he careful and hid them all in a shoebox?  Actually, I wouldn’t worry too much about this.  You’re a rock star, but also human.  It’s all been done before.  I love you Steven Page, as you are my alternative girlfriend.  Your music have helped me through tough times.  When my retina detached a few years ago, and I was pretty much blind for a month, I kept playing your Barelaked Nadies DVD even though I couldn’t watch it clearly.  You have a beautiful voice and it kept me going through that bad time…

And, Mr. Page, to conclude…

A is for asshole, which is what I am, how rude of me.
I owe you an apology I’m sorry.

All Hail Google.  Got that awesome photo from here.

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  1. Bartles in action… bad video though.

    Final jam where all the bands are onstage playing covers and just having fun. Btw Jasper… you were 10 feet from him… I got a photo with the drummer Tyler and managed to brush past Steve once and watched him doing his solo band concert (The Vanity Project, if you didn’t know). He was wearing a three piece suit which made him look uber HAWT. He wore that during one of the main concerts.

    Best week of my life.

    Steve DID admit it was cocaine, but none of the reports mentioned if he was tested for it. However, he could still be charged with possession because he had a few IN his pockets. And he did lie about them being calcium pills. An article mentioned he could be doing up to 5 1/2 years time. That would be just saddening.

  2. Aaron, I’m glad that I have, in some way, assisted in making you appreciate Steven Page’s sexiness. I feel like I’ve done my part of doing something good in this crazy world lol.

  3. Wow… I never fully appreciated the sexiness of Steven Page until now. Thank you! That man-gina pose and his sexy pink nipples are almost too much 🙂

    I’m certainly glad that he lost the bad 70’s hair and chomo mustache.

  4. Jasper, yes, I’d be crazy not to have any bearded Mr. Page in my collection… And, *awesome* “Never Do Anything” reference. LOVE!

    Man, next year’s SnD cruise might just be the year I go…


  5. Jasper, thank you for that info on the super-cuddly Master Page. I had some inkling that he was probably in the right place (helping someone) at the wrong time (drugs, NYC, being a rock star). I knew that something was a bit off with how all the news articles kept implying that he was basically a drug user. Hence, the title of the post. 🙂

    And I just hope that he doesn’t get convicted from all of this…

    And, my dear Jasper, I bow to your SUPERIOR BNL knowledge! Yes, that was indeed “Stunt” and not “Maroon.”

  6. almost forgot to mention: no pics of the bearded Mr Page? There were several from SnDIII, where he even appeared as his alter ego, “Bartles”!
    (think a cross between Elton John and John Holmes in those skimpy 70s shorts!)

    and you know, if he were the King, he would make us all dance and sing, we can kiss his ring, and kiss his a-a-a-a-ass! MWAH!

  7. Will, the next Ships N Dip cruise (#5!) leaves Feb 1 2009! Check out Sixthman for info.

    as to the ALLEGED drug arrest of the ever cuddly Master Page, I found out from MySpace tonight (they posted a bulletin blog about it), and got the basic info from an AP story (google “Steven Page arrest”). It sounds to me like he was in the middle of someone else’s problem (possible intervention?), and cooperated with the local police (who didn’t realize who he was until after he posted bail!), and is now fighting the charges.

    Thing is, if he is convicted, he is banned and can no longer perform in the States, so I’m sure a blow to the group like that will surely be fought with everything they can muster.

    btw, I’m pretty sure the undies pics were from an interview just before the Stunt tours. (I got to see Maroon tour like 10 feet from Steve!) I used to have the link to the original interview site, but lost it a few years back in a reboot. 🙁

  8. I’ve never heard of that Au Naturale CD, because, sadly, I have temporarily forgotten about BNL. The “news” about him was the main reason why I remembered him. Man, I feel like a traitor. 🙁

    Googlemaster, huh? It’s more like, “being extraordinarily horny.” You know, when you want something bad, you always end up finding it. -_^

    Whoa, you were on that annual cruise. I used to post on that forums and I’ve read about such cruise stories. (It seemed to be missing posts prior to 2005 though.) And sorry to hear that you had overslept on something that just sounded so awesome…

  9. The photo you just googled was from their Au Naturale live CD. There’s another version with a naked Alanis Morisette, but my guess is that you wouldn’t want to see it… lol.

    Seen it alot, but couldn’t find a big enough one to eye candy on. You found one… oh great googlemaster.

    By the way, Barenaked Ladies do an annual cruise and I was lucky enough to be on it earlier this year. One of the traditions was to do a mass naked photo on the deck. I didn’t take part because I overslept. How i wish I didn’t!

  10. From many years of obsessively collecting everything that is the handsome Steven Page… 🙂

    As for specifics, the bottom left one is a fan’s photo and I had to unfortunately desecrate her face by creepily placing 4 mini-Steven Page floating heads on her. The b/w photos were promo shots for the “Maybe You Should Drive” album. The other shirtless/nudie ones are promo shots for the album, “Maroon.”

    Glad you liked the collage.

    PS: I then quickly googled “Naked Barenaked Ladies” and I found another awesome photo! I’ve added it on the post above. Because of you, I stumbled upon it, so THANK YOU! 🙂

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