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Alan Karaev: Massive Russian Sumo Wrestler & MMA Fighter

Alan Karaev is not only just an intensely handsome big bear of a man, he is also a Russian Sumo Wrestler as well as an MMA Fighter.  That massive and bulky physique of his is every musclechub’s sweaty dream come true.

The following photos came from a personal Webshots collection of that lucky lady in the photo.

Chubarama had led me to one of these beautiful photographs of European Sumo Wrestlers you see below [Xandri]:

Alan Karaev’s sumo match

Mr. Karaev is just so wide and massive that his opponents can’t resist attacking him on his unmissable soft spot: his chubby gut.

Musclechub Alan Karaev versus Musclebear Bob Sapp

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Bob Sapp Scares You Into Buying Panasonic’s DIGA DVD Recorders

Well.  It worked.  😛  I mean, I bought one.

Lol.  FTW!

For those who don’t speak Japanese, this is my interpretation of what Bob Sapp said in the video (bear with me, I’m somewhat rusty with my Japanese):


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“Big Stan”: Rob Schneider Directs Randy Couture, Don Frye, Big Spence, And Bob Sapp

Wow.  What a lineup.

Rob Schneider marks his highly-anticipated directorial debut film about a mixed-martial arts coach falsely-accused of murder and sentenced to life in prison.  He ends up in San Quentin where he finds redemption through the prison’s yearly MMA tournament.  With the hot-tempered and brawny Bob Sapp, the quiet Randy Couture, the experienced Don Frye, and the eager young Big Spence, Rob Schneider learns the true meaning of courage and of life.

Well, not that it’s a better synopsis, but basically the film is about me wishing I was Rob Schneider and being able to work with four ridiculously hot and woofy bears…

Bob Sapp strips, gets beat up, then gets stripped further down
to his leopard-designed undies*?  Consider me sold!

Once the Quicktime trailer comes around, we’re gonna get us some better screenshots.  In the meantime, you can catch the trailer here:


* Apparently, leopard-designed undies seem to be the underwear of choice for big and buffed black muclebears

EDIT: Ugh.  I’ve misspelled Mr. Randy Couture’s name.

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