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The Tight Tan Slacks Of Dezso Ban

doug-hepburn-typingDoug Hepburn

The Tight Tan Slacks Of Dezso Ban is one of the best blog titles I have ever come across.  I have no idea what it means, but it’s a blog where the author would reproduce classic weightlifting articles as well as scan their accompanying photos.  Since I’m not a weightlifter by any means, I only visited it for the photos and not the articles.  Yes, as I’ve said it before, I’m very shallow.  Actually, I only stumbled upon the blog because I was researching for more photos of Steve Merjanian (who will be my next post after this) for a good friend, JimJimBear.

After perusing through the archives, here are just some of my favorite ones…

od-wilsonO.D. Wilson

karl-moerke-01Karl Moerke


joseph-graflJoseph Grafl


dezso-ban-001I have no clue who he is…



dezso-ban-004I have no clue either…


dezso-ban-006No clue again *sighs*

dezso-ban-007That’s right, no clue…

The following photos are of Bruce Randall’s.  I have previously posted about him here.





Bruce Randall: A Big Man Classic

I don’t know much about Bruce Randall, except for the fact that he started off bulky and chubby.  He then, unfortunately, lost a lot of weight just so he could become Mr. America then Mr. Universe.  The nerve of that guy!  ^_^  Anyway, he actually did become Mr. America *and* Mr. Universe.  Pretty cool.

“I love handles.” — Old School clever saying
“I heart the way I are.” — Timbaland’s School of Infuriating Grammar