Bruce Randall: A Big Man Classic

I don’t know much about Bruce Randall, except for the fact that he started off bulky and chubby.  He then, unfortunately, lost a lot of weight just so he could become Mr. America then Mr. Universe.  The nerve of that guy!  ^_^  Anyway, he actually did become Mr. America *and* Mr. Universe.  Pretty cool.

“I love handles.” — Old School clever saying
“I heart the way I are.” — Timbaland’s School of Infuriating Grammar



8 thoughts on “Bruce Randall: A Big Man Classic”

  1. I discovered Bruce’s through his Barbell Way to Physical Fitness in the 70’s. I, like Bruce had been ‘heavy’ and was able to throw a barrel of antifreeze onto a truck, sort of power lifter.

    I decided to drop weight and went from 305 to 205 by simply running 2 miles every day for a year. Actually, for a while it was run a few steps, pant and walk..

    I then dropped nearly 50 pounds, developed pneumonia and nearly died. Bruces book gave me the inspiration to build myself back up. I had several friends look at his picture on the cover and say, “you are looking like he does.” I knew I was making progress.

    That was 30 years ago. I recently weighed 225 and had developed a 44 inch waist. I got Bruce’s book out again. Started working out using his program and in two years, I now weigh 175, my waist is 34 inches and when I go to a gym, people ask me what program I am using. I noticed some of them watching me and trying the lifts.

    Bruce’s program worked then and it works today. Anyone who uses it will get results.

  2. I just read a post in Iron Age Forums about Bruce Randall and it stated that he passed away in the year 2000. (site address below);topic=1395.0

    I was very sorry to read that because Bruce and I worked out together at the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Va in the years 1954-55. I was with Bruce, Ray Sewell and the coach Chief Metzler in 1954 when we went to the Virginia State Championships in Richmond, VA where Bruce broke all the state lifts in the heavy weight class in his first ever weight lifting meet. Ray, a 132 pounder broke all the state records for that class. Bruce also broke a penny weighing scale on the ferry boat when he tried to get weighed lol, he just stepped on the scale holding a penny in his hand and it went Boing. He weighed about 385 lbs on the scale in the gym. I remember on many occasions when four of us in the gym had to hand Bruce 205 lb dumbbells when he was doing bench presses. He could have done more but the bars wouldn’t hold any more plates. I also remember Bruce as one of the most easy going guys I ever met and was actually rather shy but never uttered a foul word and didn’t like to hear it from others.

  3. Bruce is a very big inspiration for me, he must have had some nerves to pull that of.. He is a idol for me and I have him as a inspiration in my weightloss and my goals in my trainig.. Thanks Bruce, 🙂

  4. Lost contact with Bruce over the years and would like to know if anyone knows re he might be these days. He had a young son in the 60’s and worked for the then “Billard Barbell Co. as a public relations rep.

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