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Ludovic Berthillot: Acting Reel Collage

I did not understand a single word Ludovic Berthillot had uttered in his acting reel.  Luckily, for one, he’s extremely watchable, and two, he’s wearing a tanktop in one clip, and three, Gérard Depardieu sits on Ludovic’s belly (HOT!).  ^_^

So here’s a collage of that Acting Reel which features and highlights this French bear’s inherent woofiness.

Mr. Berthillot has now officially joined the great pantheon of woofy bears with dimpled chins, such as Robert Mitchum and Terence Knox.

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Ludovic Berthillot: “District B13”

Mr. Ludovic Berthillot is a name that has been recently echoing in my head.  My inner voice is probably not even pronouncing it properly.  Regardless, this beefy bear has got all the looks and features that just would not make my eyes look away.  Lol.  It’s like he’s a car or something.

Here’s Monsieur Ludovic Berthillot and his killer chin from a movie called District B13

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Shawn Murphy: A Barrage Of Collages of Dow Jones

I have been obsessing over the gorgeously woofy Shawn Murphy (real name: Shawn Ambrosino) for quite some time now.  The first time I knew about him, he was a part of a wrestling tag team called “Market Crashers” and his character was Dow Jone$.  The following is a collection of collages I’ve made back in 2001 and 2002…

Thank goodness that they upgraded from the Stock Broker look
to a much better wrestling singlet

Gotta love him here as he actually does not look
that intimidating as he’s just a great ‘ol cuddly bear…

…Though he’s definitely tougher and meaner looking here

Armpits shots?  Gut punches?  Ball bustings?  Beatdowns?
Me liking them?  No, not me…

Lol, aight, let’s stick to armpits…

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Gus Rethwisch: Cavebear

I’m a horror movie buff, and I remember being disappointed with the sequel to House.  It was the very first hor-com that actually delivered the goods at the time.  Unfortunately, the sequel ended up being a “Weird Science-My Science Experiment-Real Genius”-clone.  Not that those movies were bad — in fact, I loved them.  Thing is, I was looking for a horror-comedy, and all I got was blah-comedy.  Still, a big bonus was the scene with a caveman, played by Gus Rethwisch.  He’s a strongman back in the day and also played a couple of minor roles that were pretty much about being a “big bad guy.”  Here’s a collage of him in the flick, House II: The Second Story.

Gus Rethwisch 01

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“Don’t Drink The Water”: A Pepto-Bismol Commercial

Here’s a funny commercial with a cute, woofy bear who’s just lounging on a beach chair, enjoying the sun, and drinking cocktails.

I just love his squinty eyes.  I tend to get attracted to bearish folks with those eyes: they appear somber and aged.  Since I gravitate towards older bears, I think I’m attracted to their life’s experiences, from their hardships to their accomplishments.  There I go again, romanticizing things.  Lols.

And here’s a collage from that commercial.  At the time (2001), I thought that the actor resembled an actor named Brent Sexton which is why he’s included in the collage.