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Chubarama, Colossal Clothing, & Holiday Savings


Just in time for the holidays and a perfect gift for yourself or the big man in your life, Chubarama and Colossal Clothing are offering 30% off with their fantastic clothing line (just use the code CHUB30 at the checkout).  Check out this link at Chubarama for further info.

Chubarama Loves You: 1, 2, 3, 4, Come On Baby Say You Love Me

This hot chubby bear could use a shirt or four.  Er, maybe not.  -_^

Chubarama is the Humpday Giveaway Machine.  They’re giving away 4 t-shirts from Colossal Clothing just for being a loyal Chubarama reader.  And we’re all winners as Colossal Clothing is also giving away 33% discount on our next purchase by typing in “chubarama” as the code when checking out.  How cool is that?  And based on the cute chubby model on top, it’s very cool, apparently!

Colossal Savings From Colossal Clothing

Hey guys (sorry gals), if you’re tall, big, and/or muscular (and if you are any of that, I am quite frankly jealous) head on over to Chubarama for BIG News from Colossal Clothing.

Basically, just for being a Chubarama reader, you get immediate 20% savings if you use the discount code “Chubarama” when checking out your order(s).  Sounds pretty sweet.  I checked out the clothing line myself and as an admirer/chaser, I give the company’s catalog a thumbs up.  You big guys will definitely look great with these apparels.

They also have cute models in them.  Furthermore, I love what they said here:

Colossal isn’t straight or gay, black or white, big or tall. We’re cool with everyone, and think everyone should have the opportunity to be cool.

Gotta support a company with that type of philosophy!