Chubarama Loves You: 1, 2, 3, 4, Come On Baby Say You Love Me

This hot chubby bear could use a shirt or four.  Er, maybe not.  -_^

Chubarama is the Humpday Giveaway Machine.  They’re giving away 4 t-shirts from Colossal Clothing just for being a loyal Chubarama reader.  And we’re all winners as Colossal Clothing is also giving away 33% discount on our next purchase by typing in “chubarama” as the code when checking out.  How cool is that?  And based on the cute chubby model on top, it’s very cool, apparently!

6 thoughts on “Chubarama Loves You: 1, 2, 3, 4, Come On Baby Say You Love Me”

  1. Oh “Smashedbilly”, this chubbear that you displayed above is like a peach tart, probably so sweet and delicious, that I can´t think of light food while I look at him. Lovely pic, man. By the way, as I´m new here, I wish I could send you my compliments also for your gentle and interesting message board. Have a good night! –

  2. I wish I remember the link to that. I remember all of those photos being free. I think that I have most of those photos. I wonder if there’s a video of that too?

  3. I have seen pics of this guy nude also and slowly taking his underwear off as well as in the shower!

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