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Cubby From A.M. Mayhem Gets Waxed & Dances


From the hallowed halls of cute chubby guys in radio (such as Dancing Kevin and Uncle Eddie), comes Cubby from the A.M. Mayhem team of 96.1 The Beat.

Here’s a video of him getting his gorgeous chest fur violated.  I am not amused! 😡

(higher quality version)






And, of course, it’s never complete until the chubby guy decides to dance…

(higher quality version)

Michael Cudlitz: “Sex Drive” & “American Virgin”

I just saw the trailer for Sex Drive and I noticed one of my perennial favorite woofy cubby bear and another very woofy bear (who I will be posting about later).

Let’s first discuss my perennial favorite, Michael Cudlitz.  I’ve known about him for quite awhile and he’s one of those bearish men who seem to consistently remain “cubbish” — that is, he’s husky but not husky enough to be “bearish.”  Of course, that’s just my personal opinion.

Anyway, in that “Sex Drive” trailer, he appears to be playing the role of “angry redneck who dresses up with a sleeveless flannel just like Larry The Cable Guy”…

Well, that’s all that was in the trailer.  The movie appears to be pretty funny and seeing Michael Cudlitz in that role is definitely a bonus.

Anyway, here are more woofy photos of Michael Cudlitz from every Bob Hoskins’ fans’ wet dream, American Virgin.

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