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Damir Krunic: Chubby & Thick Musclebear

Wouldn’t it be great if gay bears ruled the world and we have numerous Strip B[e]ars and Night C[l]ubs everywhere?  After a long hard day at work, we have a mind-bendingly assortment of bars and clubs specifically targeting us bear admirers to choose from.  Imagine going in a Strip Bar/Gym where you get to watch (but no touch) hot woofy bearish guys working out with various gym equipments.  I would make sure to hang around the Pulldown Lat Machine (you know, for the armpits money shots).  Then I’ll make my way to the Aerobics room where these beefy guys would get oiled up and massaged by other husky guys.  They then start to flex their masculine beauty for all of us to see…

Damn, was I sleep-blogging again?


Someone from the old BM Yahoo Group had submitted a couple of photos called “Crazzy Gym” which had a couple of massive musclebears in what seemed to be a bodybuilding contest.  One of these woofy behemoths was Damir Krunic.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on him.

Apparently, he’s lost most of his chubby fat since then.  This is him now.  Though he looks like a different person, I’ve identified him because of that spider web tattoo on his right elbow.