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Daniel Stewart Sherman, et al: Oreo Commercial

Poker + big bear guys + junk food = Nirvana

I’ve been searching everywhere for this commercial because I had screenshots of Daniel Stewart Sherman from it back in 2002 (and I did not know his name at the time).  This was a time when hard drive space cost a pretty premium and taking screenshots from live tv meant being fast on the draw.  I found it pretty cool that this commercial was just uploaded a few days ago.  Hmm, I just love those perfect moments of human synchronicity…

Gregory Korostishevsky

I have no clue who this woofy bear is

Apparently, I watched the edited version of the commercial.  I did not see this handsome bear at all…

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Daniel Stewart Sherman: “The Full Monty” Broadway

This definitely deserves its own post.  For any discriminating bear/chub connoisseur, sometimes one scores an image or video that is just, for lack of a better word, “awesome.”

This following photo, my friends, is awesome…

John Ellison Conlee (check out Chubarama’s post on him) was the original Dave in the Americanized Broadway version of “The Full Monty.”  Daniel Stewart Sherman was then part of the 2nd batch of cast.

EDIT: Unfortunately, that was the only Holy-Grail-photo that I have of Mr. Sherman.  Anyway, here are, apparently, 2 more photos I have of him.  If there is a lesson I can impart: “Label your photos, people!” It makes hunting down for your favorite photos in your hard drive very easy.  (Notice that the following photos are not labeled correctly, and I did that to prove a point.  Lol.)

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Daniel Stewart Sherman: Bullgoon, Definitely

Daniel Stewart Sherman is definitely one tough-looking big bearish man, especially in the above photo from Brian De Palma’s Redacted.  I haven’t seen the film, but based on that bullgoonish apparel, I’m sold.

I’ve also seen this handsome man in a couple of commercials and I was wondering if any of you guys know what they might be…

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