Daniel Stewart Sherman: “The Full Monty” Broadway

This definitely deserves its own post.  For any discriminating bear/chub connoisseur, sometimes one scores an image or video that is just, for lack of a better word, “awesome.”

This following photo, my friends, is awesome…

John Ellison Conlee (check out Chubarama’s post on him) was the original Dave in the Americanized Broadway version of “The Full Monty.”  Daniel Stewart Sherman was then part of the 2nd batch of cast.

EDIT: Unfortunately, that was the only Holy-Grail-photo that I have of Mr. Sherman.  Anyway, here are, apparently, 2 more photos I have of him.  If there is a lesson I can impart: “Label your photos, people!” It makes hunting down for your favorite photos in your hard drive very easy.  (Notice that the following photos are not labeled correctly, and I did that to prove a point.  Lol.)

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6 thoughts on “Daniel Stewart Sherman: “The Full Monty” Broadway”

  1. Dan is currently a featured player in “Desire Under the Elms” at the Goodman Theater in Chicago — and watching from the front row two nights ago, my jaw dropped when he entered the stage at the opening curtain, helping to lug a presumably heavy pallet of rocks, shirtless in partly unfastened bib overalls, shaved head, sweaty, dirty, a boy in a man’s body, all testosterone and misguided energy. I’m certain he could hear me pant. A good half of his performance is wordless grunts and action, allowing the imagination to wander. His character exits the stage for good after about 15 minutes but I was transfixed the entire time, despite the terrific acting and vital dialogue unfolding around him; when he lay down centerstage, I was close enough to reach out and touch him. I held back, but never before have I so eagerly anticipated a curtain call.

  2. I was a long time friend of Daniel Sherman and went to high school with him in Marin county California. I graduated 2 years a head of him and he has been close to me and my family and I have been close to him and his family. It has been several years since we talked to each other since he was living in New York and I have been living in California. My best to you Dan.

  3. I love that you guys are talking about Dan. I knew him years ago. I worked with him and we use to see each other. I know you were lucky Bill, but he was my first. I was pretty lucky, too.

  4. I was fortunate enough to see Daniel in The Full Monty from the 2nd row. THe show was not great but… In the final scene (in the film this is where we got treated to Mr. Addy’s lovely behind) you actually got to see the stripping from the front, though the lights got very bright, very quick at the most important part. I fixated on Daniel and got to quite a lovely pair before being blinded!

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