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Unknown Bear Wearing Only A Jockstrap

In Season 2, Episode 3 of “Eastbound & Down,” this cute cub/bear shows up in the locker room donning just a white jockstrap.  (With a bonus Danny McBride armpit shot!)

It was also pretty awesome as the camera just randomly panned down to focus on his wonderfully small underwear…  😛

Then as the camera shifted its focus to Danny McBride, this deliciously woofy bear stood up then stretched his marvelous gut…

As he high fives the rest of his naked and sweaty teammates, I also offer a big high five to all of you guys to these awesome shots as well!

Here's another bonus: I'm digging the chubby Mexican bear in the dugout.

And, of course, let’s not forget the star of this show, Danny McBride:

Nip Slip!

Drunk History: Eric Falconer, Danny McBride, & Jack Black

Derek Waters Presents: Drunk History is a series of questionable historical reenactments as told by various, well, drunk folk.  They’re all great and you can check them all in YouTube.  Here are just a few choice Drunk History moments simply because they have Jack Black, my newest obsession, Danny McBride, as well as the woofy Eric Falconer

Of all the videos, this is my all-time favorite…

“Pineapple Express” Bears: Rogen, McBride, Robinson, And Spencer

Am I onboard with this upcoming Seth Rogen flick, Pineapple Express?  Let’s see: husky Seth Rogen as a main star; upcoming woofster Danny McBride is in it; Craig Robinson wears a tanktop; and cute chubby Jonathan Spencer plays a “Scientist” (a bonus).  Hmm…  What do you guys think?  ^_^

Seth Rogen and Danny McBride

Craig Robinson

Jonathan Spencer

EDIT: I’m a deranged perfectionist.  As I lack artistic skills, I try to compensate by making collages.  I’ve posted like 3 variations of that Seth Rogen collage until I finally I got what I wanted from it.  Lol.  I need a different hobby.  😛

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Danny McBride: “The Foot Fist Way” Red Band Trailer

When I saw Hot Rod, I did it simply to see Danny McBride (for some reason, I still laugh at that “I like to party” scene).  Though he only had one scene where I merely chuckled in “Hot Rod,” it appears that this movie, The Foot Fist Way, would finally showcase his comedic talents (though I did not find myself laughing too much at the trailer).  Either way, I’m definitely seeing it due to my obvious shallow reason for enjoying bear candy on celluloid.

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