“Pineapple Express” Bears: Rogen, McBride, Robinson, And Spencer

Am I onboard with this upcoming Seth Rogen flick, Pineapple Express?  Let’s see: husky Seth Rogen as a main star; upcoming woofster Danny McBride is in it; Craig Robinson wears a tanktop; and cute chubby Jonathan Spencer plays a “Scientist” (a bonus).  Hmm…  What do you guys think?  ^_^

Seth Rogen and Danny McBride

Craig Robinson

Jonathan Spencer

EDIT: I’m a deranged perfectionist.  As I lack artistic skills, I try to compensate by making collages.  I’ve posted like 3 variations of that Seth Rogen collage until I finally I got what I wanted from it.  Lol.  I need a different hobby.  😛

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3 thoughts on ““Pineapple Express” Bears: Rogen, McBride, Robinson, And Spencer”

  1. Do bears have to ruin everything for me? Christ, go drool over John Candy or Johny Goodman and leave poor Seth Rogen alone. Your dirty sex makes god send hurricanes.

  2. You should read the book by Charlaine Harris so that you can get a better idea about the characters in true blood.

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