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[BearFic] “Just Another Bad Day” (Unknown)

[The following photos of this “daddy bear” were shared from the Brotherhood Of Bears Yahoo Group.  I have no idea who he is though.  However, he is definitely such a woofy material that I was inspired to write a story about him…]

Just Another Bad Day
-Unknown BearFic-

It was a long day at work today.  My boss told me that he’d be taking half of my paycheck this week to pay for the damaged door of my cab.  What the hell.  It’s not my fault my passenger was a tweaked out birdie who decided to kick the door wide open while I was driving 50 down Harrison.  Lucky it’s not your whole pathetic check.  Guess how much our insurance is gonna cough up for that Porsche you totaled?

Whatever.  I just wanted to go home, down a brewski, and watch some infomercials until I jacked myself off to sleep.  Yeah, sounded like a good plan.

However, I noticed that my door was partly open and that just completely pissed me off.  If there was someone inside, that sucker’s gonna know pain.

I peeked in and saw a big, hairy brute of a man who was only wearing tight blue underwear.  This housebreaker and thief was tying up a big box which was probably my useless junk.  Upon seeing his massive, sweaty body, I did not know if I was gonna get angry or excited.  Suddenly, both conflicting emotions took the best of me and I quickly rushed through the door, completely shocking the big man.  To my surprise, I managed to tackle him to the floor.

My right cheek felt his thick and furry belly while I smelled his manly scent.  He was completely lying on the floor with his arms outstretched.  I planted both my hands on both of his burly shoulders while I pushed myself up.

“Don’t you say a fucking word,” I commanded.  The daddy bear had no fear in him as he stared at me while I felt his heaving stomach on my crotch.

“Good.  You know, I’m sick and tired of getting pushed around.  There is no such thing as karma.”  I thought that last line was a good touch.  And with that, I grabbed his packing rope while I went behind the big man.  I placed my right knee on his back while I tightly tied his wrists.

When I knew that my knot was completely secured, I stood up and walked in front of him.  I felt a tinge of satisfaction seeing such a big man completely helpless and under my mercy.  His legs were spread apart and I could see his bulge in that skimpy underwear.  What a beautiful daddy, I thought to myself.

At that point, I wasn’t quite sure what to do.  I really did not want to call the pigs on him.  Probably just another junkie or some homeless dude and I did have a heart.  You know what?  I got no plans for the evening anyway. And with that, I noticed that there were quite a few more ropes left.

I helped the big bear to his feet as my forearms squeezed between his massive arms and chest.  He tried to resist but he knew that he could not do much.  I then pushed him to the table and he landed on his gut as he made a loud “Oof!”  Yeah, daddy, ‘woof’ indeed.

I then proceeded to tie his legs to his wrists.  Just like a luau. When I finished, I sat on the floor while I admired my work of art.  This was gonna be my entertainment for tonight and I was going to let him go in a few minutes.  Hell, I’m even gonna help him pack my junk.  Good riddance to them.

I then heard nervous mutterings of a Russian lady behind me.  It was definitely my neighbor, dear old Mrs. Sokolov.  I guess I’d better explain to her what’s happening.

“What did you do to my son, Oleg?”

I then looked around me and realized that it was not even my apartment.  Shit.  I guess it’s just another bad day.  I looked behind me and I noticed Oleg giving me a sly wink.

Or maybe it’s not such a bad day after all.

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[BearFic] “Matevs & Katja” (Michael Gottli)

[The following screenshots are of Michael Gottli from a film titled Tales From The Gimli Hospital. The accompanying fiction in this post is not from the film but from my bear-filled brain…  It is also a crossover-BearFic (lol) mentioned in the Primoz Petkovsek BearFic, “War & Sex.”]

Matevs & Katja
-Michael Gottli BearFic-

It happened during a time of wars and hate.  Some said it was a curse from the gods.  Others said that it was the beginning of the end of mankind’s reign on earth.  While a handful few knew what it was about and even knew what had caused it.  But they were all either dead, gone, or might as well be dead.  For knowing the truth would not prevent the inevitable.  But as all things came to pass, myths and legends arose.  They are far more interesting than the reality of such events.  So in spite of the darkness and madness, there was once such a story of love and hope.  It is the tale of handsome Matevs and beautiful Katja.

Matevs was a soldier.  He was the remaining soldier of Unit 859.  Henrik and he were the sole survivors of The Problem.  But Henrik found a woman begging for water in the shores of Golfo di Trieste.  Henrik, a good-hearted man, approached her and stayed a good distance away from her as he poured water on her parched lips.  The woman, grateful for such kindness, touched Henrik’s hand.  That was the last time Matevs saw Henrik.

Matevs had heard of an outpost where The Problem had not affected its community.  They called it “The Crossroads.”  It was a tall tale to keep the soldiers going, to keep them fighting an enemy they could never defeat.  Matevs was the only one who believed in it.  He longed for a woman’s touch and he knew that he will find this in The Crossroads.

So Matevs traveled on.  He barely slept as he did not want to come across The Women, both dead and living.  For months he trekked through valleys and fields, enduring the stench of human and animal decay.

* * * * *

Matevs woke up in what looked like a makeshift hospital room.  He did not remember what happened to him.  Perhaps he had fainted from the heat or hunger.  But who had brought him here?

As he wondered, he remembered having a vivid dream of an angelic woman helping him walk inside The Crossroads.  She was very beautiful and she took great care of him.  She cleaned his wounds and relieved his hungry stomach.  And she was able to touch him.

Matevs heard someone walk in his room.  To his surprise, it was the woman in his dreams.  Could it not be a dream?

Matevs demanded to know her name.  “I am, Katja,” she said.  She then looked at him and explained to Matevs that she found him lying near the river.  She and her fellow nurses brought him in to their hospice.  She called it “The Crossroads.”

“You have been resting for a good three weeks, my soldier,” Katja said.  “I’m glad to have seen you finally awake.  Now I can tell you stories and you can actually listen to them.”

Matevs could not believe his eyes.  A woman.  She had touched me and I lived.

Matevs begged her to touch him.  Katja then said, “I have touched you everyday and I long more than to touch you.  I want to feel your love.  I want to be part of you.”

With no doubts and no fear, Matevs and Katja exchanged a love that would echo through the end of human time.

My dear friends, that was the tale of “Matevs & Katja.”  It became a song for the soldiers after them.  They became the symbol of hope and of survival.

But like most things, myths are only just that: lies.

This is the true story of Matevs & Katja…

“I do not want to die,” Matevs pleaded.  “I don’t understand why you are able to touch me.”

“My soldier, let me show you why.”  Katja removed her gown and Matevs realized the truth.

“I did not mean to deceive you.  You were in pain and you needed medicine and care.”

Matevs stared at Katja with disgust.  An abomination.

Katja felt Matevs’ anger and humiliation.  But she longed for a man’s touch and she was willing to die for such a fleeting moment of affection.

And as the two embraced, Matevs plunged his knife on Katja’s belly.  Katja whispered to Matevs, “I forgive you.”

It was at that moment that Matevs realized what he had done.  All he could think of was that he had done a great deed.  I am still a soldier.  It had to be done.

And that, my dear friends, was how the real story ended.

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[BearFic] “War & Sex” (Primož Petkovšek)

[The following are screenshots from a short scene of Primoz Petkovsek that’s taken from a film titled No Man’s Land. The accompanying fiction in this post is not from the film but from my bear-filled brain.]

War & Sex
-Primoz Petkovsek BearFic-

“Niko, sing me the story of Matevs and Katja again,” the tired Slovenian General, Pavel, quietly tells his nephew.

“Uncle, may I sing something else? I’m bored of that song.”

General Pavel looked at his nephew with a stern gaze. It was a look that Niko dared not want to see again. So he played the beautiful, yet tragic, love song of the beautiful Katja and her fallen lover and soldier, Matevs.

General Pavel closed his eyes and remembered the time of love and his darling Rozka, wherever she may be.

The song was interrupted by an alarm. Pavel knew what this was for. There was a visitor.

If it’s the incompetent Soldiers of the Red Circle, then, I swear, their heads will roll, Pavel thought to himself. These volunteer soldiers were more trouble than help. At one time, a SotRC claimed to have found a female and felt her shoulders. Liars, all of them.

Pavel walked towards the guest and was pleased to not find the foolish and misguided SotRC. It was an American. Just another lost foreigner trapped in this hell.

Pavel looked at him. A soldier. Trustworthy. A possible ally. Hopefully someone who could help them with The Problem.

The American spoke and Pavel did not understand. None of his men understood either. But it was a new world where men of other nations spoke with gestures and illustrations.

The American explained with his hands and on the sand what he was here for. He had heard of a place where Slovenian soldiers were stationed and protected from The Problem. They were low on fuel and would repay Pavel’s army a good amount of ammunition.

Pavel thought it over. He needed fuel too. But what good was fuel if he could not protect his men? For better or ill, they will be stuck in this place for a long time.

Pavel looked at the American soldiers. There were just a total of four of them. If they did anything, his men could easily handle them. Pavel shook his hand and sealed the deal. He looked at his men, giving them a non-verbal order to stay alert, then returned to his bunker.

“Niko, my nephew! Come play that song for me again!”

The American gave a signal to his three men. The American soldiers kept a stern gaze. But, inside, they were screaming with maniacal glee.

It’s been awhile since they’ve felt the touch of a woman. How the world had gone mad and the mere touch of the opposite sex would kill both. The Problem, indeed. How cruel of a joke this was. So the American men kept their ground. It had been too long, their appetite gnawing at them like an itch they couldn’t scratch. Tonight, however, they will feast on their lusts. They had to. Even if it killed them.

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[BearFic] “Lonely London” (Ray Winstone)


Lonely London
-Ray Winstone BearFic-

London woke up.  Alone.  As usual.  Two-hundred pounds was the deal, but the cunt also took his wallet.  That’s alright.  She’d be in for a real surprise to find Noptiz on his driver’s license.  That bugger loved brunettes.  Pity, London thought.  Her face was pretty.


Three  centuries.  That’s what he’d be.  Three hundred fucking years old.  It’s funny how it did not feel like he was a walking corpse, how he was the reincarnation of the thrice-defeated Rafael from that forgotten war.  Also funny was how he had survived through the waves of minions of the so-called great Lucifer’s Great Army.  He was reborn to be a Soul Eater, but London would rather drink and fuck anyone he sees.

Last night was a close call.  Mephistopheles had summoned a Shifter in the mold of a handsome cab driver.  He should have read the signs.  But London was careless and all he could think about was the big man’s mouth around his throbbing cock.  The cabbie had transformed into a ferocious bear but London was able to suppress the beast by tearing his teeth on its massive neck.

London took a shower when it hit him.  He did not know what it was.  Was he turning human?  It was a feeling that he could not comprehend.


Through the years of battles and hate, this was the moment he did not expect nor want.  Weakness will befall him and lead him back to Hades’ realm.  He needed a way to prevent this.


His wallet had returned on the coffee table.  Noptiz did not make a grand presentation.  He just seemed to know when not to irritate his wingless master.

London suddenly remembered this beautiful name: Peter.  A name from two hundred and thirty-three years ago.  London did not know love but he was sure that he had fallen in love with him as Peter did things to London that had frightened him.  And that was what caused him to leave him.  London had decided to visit Peter in his Palace only to find him slained and butchered in his Royal Prince’s pool.  London had dove in, only to resucitate a dead man.  Peter was soulless and craved for nothing more but meat so London had no other choice but to kill him again.


That’s what it was.  Happiness.  He felt joy whenever he was with Peter.  How he had felt safe in his big arms and how he actually felt what love was.  Why now?  Why feel this?  Noptiz peeked out from London’s wallet and watched the Wingless One, curled up on the bed like a lost and lonely babe.


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