[BearFic] “War & Sex” (Primož Petkovšek)

[The following are screenshots from a short scene of Primoz Petkovsek that’s taken from a film titled No Man’s Land. The accompanying fiction in this post is not from the film but from my bear-filled brain.]

War & Sex
-Primoz Petkovsek BearFic-

“Niko, sing me the story of Matevs and Katja again,” the tired Slovenian General, Pavel, quietly tells his nephew.

“Uncle, may I sing something else? I’m bored of that song.”

General Pavel looked at his nephew with a stern gaze. It was a look that Niko dared not want to see again. So he played the beautiful, yet tragic, love song of the beautiful Katja and her fallen lover and soldier, Matevs.

General Pavel closed his eyes and remembered the time of love and his darling Rozka, wherever she may be.

The song was interrupted by an alarm. Pavel knew what this was for. There was a visitor.

If it’s the incompetent Soldiers of the Red Circle, then, I swear, their heads will roll, Pavel thought to himself. These volunteer soldiers were more trouble than help. At one time, a SotRC claimed to have found a female and felt her shoulders. Liars, all of them.

Pavel walked towards the guest and was pleased to not find the foolish and misguided SotRC. It was an American. Just another lost foreigner trapped in this hell.

Pavel looked at him. A soldier. Trustworthy. A possible ally. Hopefully someone who could help them with The Problem.

The American spoke and Pavel did not understand. None of his men understood either. But it was a new world where men of other nations spoke with gestures and illustrations.

The American explained with his hands and on the sand what he was here for. He had heard of a place where Slovenian soldiers were stationed and protected from The Problem. They were low on fuel and would repay Pavel’s army a good amount of ammunition.

Pavel thought it over. He needed fuel too. But what good was fuel if he could not protect his men? For better or ill, they will be stuck in this place for a long time.

Pavel looked at the American soldiers. There were just a total of four of them. If they did anything, his men could easily handle them. Pavel shook his hand and sealed the deal. He looked at his men, giving them a non-verbal order to stay alert, then returned to his bunker.

“Niko, my nephew! Come play that song for me again!”

The American gave a signal to his three men. The American soldiers kept a stern gaze. But, inside, they were screaming with maniacal glee.

It’s been awhile since they’ve felt the touch of a woman. How the world had gone mad and the mere touch of the opposite sex would kill both. The Problem, indeed. How cruel of a joke this was. So the American men kept their ground. It had been too long, their appetite gnawing at them like an itch they couldn’t scratch. Tonight, however, they will feast on their lusts. They had to. Even if it killed them.

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  1. Years ago, I saw a VHS box of a porno film with pictures of naked girls and soldiers. One of the soldiers was bearish and chubby, just like the one in your pictures. But sadly the tape in that box contained another film.

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