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Mike Knox: One Furry Muscle Beast


Though I have a handful of favorite wrestlers in the WWE (Mark Henry, Big Show, Festus, Ezekiel Jackson, Shad Gaspard), there is one in particular who I never paid attention to before because he was slimmer and smoother: Mike Knox.  Today, he has completely grown out his beard and mane and you can also now see some fantastic furry pelt on his beefy thick physique.  He possesses this stunning look of an intimidating barbarian, popularized by classic wrestlers such as John Nord (“Nord The Barbarian”) and Bruiser Brody.  This massive and tall bear would make a perfect Greek God, Zeus…

All of these photos are from his days at ECW.  He’s currently part of the WWE Raw stable.

mike-knox-and-shelton-benjaminShelton Benjamin (right) is not technically “bearish” but I do
consider him as a musclebear










Festus: Hit Me Bearby One More Time


Wait a minute…  This guy’s getting paid to get the beefy Festus slam his crotch on his chest?!

Shee-it.  I’d do it for free.  😛

 <furiously searches for the number of a local pro-wrestling training school>

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Festus: Of Bears And Twinks


I don’t particularly like the angle of “Jesse and Festus” in WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown.  Nevertheless, Festus‘ (Drew Hankinson) shapeshifting face from innocent hillbilly to deranged brawler has a certain charm that I can’t seem to resist.  And just look at the fantastic physique of this massive man.  That wide barrel chest truly demands your utmost attention (such sexy barrel-chestedness  can also be seen on Mr. Richard Alexander).

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Scotty Biggs: Cute Pro-Wrestling Cub

NOTE: Mr. Scotty Biggs is not a homosexual.  If for some reason, you feel compelled to be vulgar and sexually explicit to him, I urge you to not do so.  Apparently, this blog is being mentioned while these inconsiderate people send inappropriate emails to Mr. Scotty Biggs.  Folks.  Please.  Stop it.


It’s a shame that the current pro-wrestling scene (i.e., Vince McMahon’s empire) lack a number of bear/chub candy for today’s fans.  Luckily for the independent scene, that is where the bigger pro-wrestlers tend to go to.

Here is one such wrestler who is currently a GWAlliance Heavyweight Champion: Scotty Biggs.  Will the WWE even have a Heavyweight Champion that would look like that?  Or will their stable of big men end up being a “goofy character” (ala “Festus”) or a parody (ala non-wrestling “Big Dick Johnson”)?  This is a very important and pressing issue that is far more important than Global Warming or Worldwide Hunger.

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