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Chris Dowd Of Fishbone Is My God

We all have idols.  Religions exist because it’s human nature to worship someone or something.  Atheists, included.  And if you disagree, ask yourself this: Why are you reading this blog?

The only somewhat recent photo I can find of Chris Dowd.
Includes a bonus pissed off Alice In Chains drummer.

Organized religion is all about setting examples.  Rules are set and they’re meant to be obeyed.  Why is this blog blue?  Because Chris Dowd wore blue on one of my favorite music videos of all time.  Why do I sport a soul patch?  Besides the obvious reasons that I’m follically-challenged, Chris Dowd sported a soul patch from that same music video.  Why is the theme of this blog about clear sunny skies while my personal photos show sunny skies?  There you go.  You got it…  But who’s Chris Dowd, you ask?

On today’s post, I’d like to discuss about this mortal man who (besides my woofy college professor) had basically shaped my way of thinking through his music.  Chris Dowd was one of the founding members of Fishbone and that band’s music have completely changed my perceptions on life.  For the better, I believe.  It’s a great thing that Mr. Dowd possessed a stunning handsomeness that made listening to his voice even sweeter.  And watching their music videos was just icing on an already delicious cake.

For me, meeting Chris Dowd will be the ultimate dream come true.  I know nothing about him, except for his interviews and persona on television.  However, I am deeply attracted to him and, to this day, I listen to Fishbone — specifically to tracks where he predominantly sang; and the trancelike experience I fall into is nothing short of, well, religious.

Enough of my yapping.  I need to show the electric magnetism he exudes.  Here is one of Fishbone’s most popular songs and it’s a song that I can never get tired of.  It’s also a great video where Chris Dowd is just simply beautiful and godlike.  Absolutely flawless.

This song, Everyday Sunshine, is the very foundation of this blog’s design and why I also sport a soul patch.  Yeah.  I’m pathetically anally specific.  ^_^

Everyday Sunshine

I wish everyday the sun would shine
Take me to another place in my mind
Where everything is beautiful
And no wants or needs
Nor sign of greed
Could rule our soul

How I wish everyday sunshine
How I wish everyday sunshine

If we could fly away on wings
To a place where all could be true
And the skies were blue
And love was true
And me and you

How I wish everyday sunshine
How I wish everyday sunshine

Here are two more songs from them.  My philosophies and beliefs have practically stemmed from these two specific songs.  I can’t embed the videos so they’re just links.  Do check them out.  They’re great songs and just follow along with the lyrics.  I’m just trying to make you guys fans of Fishbone.

Fight The Youth

And now another story of stolen faith and tragic glory
They claim to be your friends but all the while they taunt you with lies
They tell you what to think and how to face the world around you
You never question what you know inside is lax and untrue
But take a look around
We’re not running anymore
We’re in the positive
But we’re ready for the war… for the war

Fight the youth
The youth with poisoned minds
Ignite the truth
Restore sight to these blind
Fight the youth
The youth with poisoned minds
And if they suffer it’s no fault but their own

And every time I see the hatred that engulfs these children
It makes me wonder if the quest for peace will one day subside
I’m not afraid to wage the hopeless battles I must fight
For I could never lose, I know my cause shines in the light

Take a look around
We’re not hiding anymore
Your weapon’s cowardice
And we won’t take it anymore… anymore

Fight the youth
The youth with poisoned minds
Ignite the truth
Restore sight to these blind
Fight the youth
The youth with poisoned minds
And if they suffer it’s no fault but their own

And all the feelings of a generation fed with anger
Make all the choices for a future where all nightmares come true
I choose to fight for youth, to fight for truth, to fight for justice
I choose to heal the wounds of sacrifice made by the children


Who, who do you serve?
For whose empire and for whose whims?
Is your honor judged by men?
Will you lie?
Will you lie if they say it’s their will?
Will you die or continue to kill?
Until the generals all have their fill

Craven Cowards
Armchair Warriors
You will serve Them well

What, what will you write?
For whose pleasure, for whose delight?
Will your readers see your light?
Will you say…That the singer can’t blow you away?
That we hate people just ’cause they’re gay
Women and children all stay away

To whom, whom do you pray?
Do dollars wash your sins away?
Does God love cold hard cash?
Do you say…If we all just continue to pay
All our ailments will all go away
And our souls will all be saved

God’s not with you
“Holy Roller”
Your heart dwells in Hell

Why, why do you run?
Our awareness has spoiled your fun
Our eyes see you too clear
Will you hide
From the joy of expressing our pride
For the leaders and people who’ve died
While combating your genocide

Chains are breaking
Minds are waking
Soon we’ll serve no more…

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