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Everybody Hates Guy Fieri

…because he is GORGEOUS.  Yeah, that’s right haters, Guy Fieri is one sexy bear of a man, and his sense of fashion both undermines and accentuates his magnificent handsomeness.  You can only be lucky to look half as beautiful as he does…

Guy Fieri Live UnitedFrom Live United In Wine Country

I just had to get that out of my system as it was in response to the seemingly-universal “douche” comments about him in this TGIF commercial I uploaded a year ago.  It just amazes me how people will just call someone a “douche” based on someone’s appearances (holy crap, I guess someone should pinch me because looks like I have been stranded on an island since my birth).  But, enough of that, here are some more photos of the sexy Guy Fieri…

Guy Fieri pose

Guy Fieri and CheftramontoOriginal photo can be found here

By the way, ever since I started using Flickr, I’m falling in love with their features.  There’s one that I found accidentally and I urge you guys and gals to try:

The Flickr Hive Mind Search

To find those lovely photos of Mr. Fieri, I did the following:

The Flickr Hive Mind search barClick on the following search results: Guy Fieri

Pretty cool, huh?  You have a better chance of finding more photos of your search by selecting “Text.”  Though you should also try the “Tags” as well just in case the Flickr user did not put any texts on his/her photo.  It’s a pretty cool search tool and not only did I get lost from my bear hunting, I also found a ginormous amount of amazing photographs.  Fantastic stuff…

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