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Strongman “Massive” Matty Parkes

Strongman “Massive” Matty Parkes truly lives up to his nickname.  Man.  What.  A.  Bear.

Most of the photos in that collage are from Pilou@SF’s Flickr page.  While the two small images on the bottom right are Jay@SF’s Flickr page.  Thank you guys for such fantastic work!

Anyway, as you can see from Pilou@SF’s photos, he has gotten bulkier now.

Check out Matty Parkes’ YouTube page for some of his videos.  Here’s a favorite of mine simply because Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” is playing in the background.

*angry guttural scream* LOOOOLLLLLZZZZZ! *angry guttural scream*

BearJeff: A Woofy Big Bear Down Under


STPBear (new blog), BearFilms Jeff, BearJeff, or just Jeff.  Many of us know those nicknames and all of us agree that this bear is one unbelievably hot, hot, hot, hot, hot and smokingly hot sexy bear.  Anyway, looks like BearJeff and his husbear have returned home from a fantastic Australian vacation.  They’ve taken such amazing photos that I actually felt like I’ve been there.  Check out BearJeff’s Flickr photos and prepared to be wowed by the amazing sights… and, oh yeah, Australia looked really great too!  -_^





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