Strongman “Massive” Matty Parkes

Strongman “Massive” Matty Parkes truly lives up to his nickname.  Man.  What.  A.  Bear.

Most of the photos in that collage are from Pilou@SF’s Flickr page.  While the two small images on the bottom right are Jay@SF’s Flickr page.  Thank you guys for such fantastic work!

Anyway, as you can see from Pilou@SF’s photos, he has gotten bulkier now.

Check out Matty Parkes’ YouTube page for some of his videos.  Here’s a favorite of mine simply because Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” is playing in the background.

*angry guttural scream* LOOOOLLLLLZZZZZ! *angry guttural scream*

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  1. Pilou, THANK YOU, for such awesome photos, as well as another huggable thank you for your partner, Jay. If it weren’t for you guys, I never would have known about this beefy bear. Big, big hugs, Will.

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