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“Urban Runner”: Sometimes Crappy Games Become Better When Adding Woofy Bears

I have a confession to make.  I love crappy games.  By “crappy,” I mean like seriously bad games.  I’m an adventure gamer and normally, by its very nature, it means that I’m a very forgiving video game critic.  I grew up on and adored the point-and-click adventure games of yore.  My favorite, by far, is the Gabriel Knight series.  To this day, I would replay them from beginning to end.  Though that game is far from “crappy,” I have played my share of really horrible adventure games.  One of them was Sierra’s “Urban Runner” — a Full Motion Video game in 1996.  It was so advanced at the time that most people did not have a good enough computer to play the darn thing.

Regardless, I loved that game.  It’s actually not bad, but then again, I’m not a good judge for this game genre.  Still, what’s a big bonus about this game was the inclusion of a mohawked thug/assassin named “Eraser.”  This is where it gets better: in the game, Eraser is in your character’s apartment and to knock him over, you … kick a red rubber ball to his head.  That deserves a big fat LOL…  And, oh yeah, the bonus: Eraser’s a big chubby bear…




Anyway, I managed to screen capture Eraser’s shameful fall and his eventual badly-acted interrogation scene.  I only wished that my character over-emoted to the point that he ripped off Mr. Eraser’s tanktop.  That would have been sweet.