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Michael Emanuel: The Multi-Hyphenate Everybear

After posting about Joshua Sankey, he reminded me of another “who-is-he?” handsome bear who has made numerous TV and movie appearances: Michael Emanuel.  Well, that is if you lived in the U.S., then there’s an excellent possibility that you have seen him in at least one commercial.  Check out his Acting Reel to see some of his commercial and acting roles.


I have recorded so many of his commercials and I’m still in the process of digitizing all of my VHS recordings.  Hopefully I’d eventually find them in my pathetically big pile of video tapes.  ^_^

Michael Emanuel definitely has that daddy-bear-next-door look going on (come on, Hollywood, we need that subgenre of coming-of-age dramatic film!).  Anyway, it’s his killer smile that gets me every time.  Speaking of “killer” he played a killer in a dark comedy called Lucky.  I have the DVD and I’ll post some screenshots from that flick soon.  And speaking of horror films, he is currently in The Uninvited (which is produced by his company, Canal Street Films).

In the meantime, here are some screenshots of his Dominos Pizza’s “Free Cheesy Bread” promo…