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Festus: Hit Me Bearby One More Time


Wait a minute…  This guy’s getting paid to get the beefy Festus slam his crotch on his chest?!

Shee-it.  I’d do it for free.  😛

 <furiously searches for the number of a local pro-wrestling training school>

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Festus: Of Bears And Twinks


I don’t particularly like the angle of “Jesse and Festus” in WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown.  Nevertheless, Festus‘ (Drew Hankinson) shapeshifting face from innocent hillbilly to deranged brawler has a certain charm that I can’t seem to resist.  And just look at the fantastic physique of this massive man.  That wide barrel chest truly demands your utmost attention (such sexy barrel-chestedness  can also be seen on Mr. Richard Alexander).

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