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Brett Rogers: MMA Bad Man With A Fro Hawk

I love Fishbone, and it would have been even awesome if the lead singer, Angelo Moore, looked like this fro hawked monster, Brett “The Griim” Rogers.  Looks like he will go toe-to-toe with the brutal Kimbo.  I don’t think that I would be able to watch that fight.  Though I will definitely support Mr. Rogers from kicking Kimbo’s ass.  I just don’t like that Kimbo dude.

From ProElite.com:

An undefeated heavyweight hailing from Minneapolis, Brett Rogers is a big-time heavyweight prospect in the Midwest who has clobbered the competition en route to an undefeated record. After proving all he could on a regional level, Rogers is looking to make it as a nationally recognized mixed martial arts star. Despite supporting four young children, Rogers recently left his job as a tire repairman at Sam’s Club so that he can dedicate himself fully towards his dream of becoming a heavyweight champion of a major fight promotion.

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