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Smash Mouth: “Your Man” Music Video

My very first website in ’98 was about a fan page dedicated to Smash Mouth (I still have my email, smashedbilly@yahoo.com).  I remember when Smash Mouth was just starting out and they played at a small club in Vegas.  There were about 15 people and I was there by myself (yup, “loser”).  I was instantly smitten the moment I laid eyes on the singer, Steve Harwell.  He had a shaven head at the time and he was surprisingly agile while perfoming (he got major air while jamming to Heave Ho).

Anyway, here’s one of the group’s music video, Your Man (from the album Smashmouth).  It’s completely retro-80’s sounding and the video reflects it (i.e., cheesy, corny plotting, and bad acting).  Why did I pick this video?  Well, not only do I dig the 80’s sound, but almost at the end of the video, we see Steve with both arms outstretched while standing by the bathroom door.  Unfortunately, this woofy bear is not unclothed.  Boo!

Oh yeah, and this is my first YouTube upload.  Yay.  Welcome to the 21st Century.  I am now cool and hip.

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