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Billy Villegas: Fox Kids Network Host Grown Up Into The Chubby Hulk

In the late ’90s, I was still watching cartoons simply because I refused to grow up (I still do).  Anyway, I tend to watch Fox Family and Fox Kids Network (it’s all about Glenn Taranto from The New Addams Family) a lot and one of my motivations for doing so is that it was hosted by a very cute chubby (who was around my age) named Billy Villegas.

Anyway, with the magic of the internet, I found this cute man.  He’s currently part of an improv troupe called Heroez 4 Hire.  (Most of the photos are from RangerPete’s Flickr Page.)

Check out Heroez 4 Hire’s pretty funny skit about Superheroes and “Sex & The City.”  Of prime importance is we see Mr. Billy Villegas as The Incredible Hulk.  And what’s even better?  We finally get to see him shirtless.  Hooray!

Sex & The City Of Metropolis
(Okay, okay so the Hulk is not part of the DC Universe.  Who cares?
We get to see Billy shirtless.)

Check out Billy Villegas’ MySpace Page and here are a few more photos of this sexy hotness.