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Grant Roa: “Love Cycle”

Grant Roa - Love Cycle 21

This is really awesome.  Grant Roa has a very cute and sweet short film on YouTube called Love Cycle.  Speaking of cute and sweet, Mr. Roa is just plain adorable in it.

Please check out more of short film’s screenshots at the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Grant Roa - Love Cycle 03
Grant Roa in speedos? Yes, please.
Grant Roa - Love Cycle 14
Man, that puppy bullgoon face... You just want to take him home.

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Maori Haka: A Beefy New Zealander & Grant Roa Do The War Chant

(higher quality version)

I’m not too educated on the Maori Haka, so here’s a comment by a YouTuber from this video:

The way I was told, the haka was designed to psych out the raiding war party. It was done to AVOID bloodshed, which is something that’s gone unnoticed by a lot of history writers. The haka was also very practical in that it amped up the defending warriors so that IF the other tribe didn’t back down and run the other way, at least the warriors were all ready to defend their turf. Very practical people the old time Maori.

Great stuff.  Definitely something I would love to learn more about.  In the meantime, here’s the super-woofy Grant Roa from the wonderful film, Whale Rider.

[EDIT: Image resizing issue fixed.]

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[BearPit] Grant Roa

In the film, Whale Rider, Grant Roa played that uncle that every kid like me wished they had: husky, furry, and a post-linebacker build which always results in a gorgeous gut (though I suspect most kids like me actually had woofy uncles, and for that I envy them).

Here’s a collage of him with his woofy armpit in view with a heaping dosage of sexy bear chest.

Grant Roa - Whale Rider collage 1

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