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Roman Bellic: Grand Theft Auto IV


Ah, yes, once Grand Theft Auto IV comes out on April 29, I will disappear from this world.  I might also get fired from work.  Lol.  I just love this game and I literally have a sick addiction with the whole GTA III Series (and, yes, I have a pimped out shirtless fat CJ running around Los Santos in GTA III: San Andreas).

So, I basically do whatever compulsive-obsessive video game-addicted man-child would do: read and watch everything I could on Rockstar’s highly-anticipated game of the year.  Really, the only improvement I want to see is better weapons handling (if it’s like “Gears Of War” then that would be just awesome).

Anyway, somebody call me a therapist because I am attracted to Nico Bellic’s cousin, Roman Bellic.  He just looks like a fun character who I know I’m going to fall in love with.