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Malcolm Lutu: Hawaiian Strongman

Malcolm Lutu 20
VP Malcolm LutuMr. Malcolm Lutu is a Hawaii strongman who is currently the Vice President of SHOPO (State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers).

I finally found my old video recording of a Malcolm Lutu interview from a variety show called, Hawaiian Moving Company.  I don’t quite remember what year this was shown, but I’m guessing it was around the early 2000.

Please check out more screenshots in the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

Malcolm Lutu 03

Malcolm Lutu 06

Malcolm Lutu 18

Malcolm Lutu 25

Two Hawaiian Musclebears & A Whoo-Ha Black Musclechub Taking A Shower

This is a trailer for the ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase 2003 in Hawaii.  And, more importantly, whoever picked the actors for this commercial deserves a gold star.  The second musclebear is bodybuilder, Ernest Chang, and I have no clue who the other two are.  My personal favorite is definitely the massively built black musclechub.  The moment he showed up on the video, I actually silently spelled “Damn!” as “D-A-Y-U-M!” in my head.

ohina-musclechubThe reason the post’s title had a random Pacino “Whoo-Ha!”













Shirtless Saturday: Keith “The Bear” AhSoon, Keala Watson, Other Beefy UH Warriors, & Vili The Warrior

Living in Hawai’i (gotta have that apostrophe) for most of my young adult and teenage years, I’ve always followed the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors Football Team.  For obvious reasons, I was attracted by most of these men’s enormous builds.  Fast forward to now and there are two standouts from the 2007-2008 season: Offensive Lineman Keith “The Bear” AhSoon and Defensive Tackle Keala Watson…

All of these fantastic photos are taken from this website.



Back in 2006, “The Bear,” Keala, and their teammates had some pool fun after their game against ASU during the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl.  Hey, it’s Shirtless Saturday, so here they be…  You get to see more of the beefy Keith “The Bear” AhSoon while Keala Watson would pose in the back.  It’s interesting how their personality (just based on how they’d be in the photos) would match their football positions…






Finally, we get to somewhat see Mr. Keala Watson shirtless in the following two photos…



Here is Keala performing the Haka with his fellow UH Rainbow Warriors…




Okay, okay, so he’s not that shirtless, but damn, he’s way too hot.  Unfortunately, Keith AhSoon seems to have more photos.  Anyway, back to the shirtless programming…

keith-ahsoon-and-keala-watsonFor crying out loud, Keala!  Stop covering up!!!  🙂

keala-watson-02Er, actually, you can do whatever you want…  🙁

Here’s “The Bear” practicing (shirtless, of course) in what he does best…




As if there’s not a lot of Keith AhSoon coverage, check out this thread about — who else? — Keith “The Bear” AhSoon!

And to end this post, how about some videos of the UH Rainbow Warriors’ mascot?  The massive Vili The Warrior!


Shirtless Saturday: Faizon Love Loves To Be Shirtless (“Blue Crush”)

If we were going to look back in history, 2002 would be the year where we got one of the best shirtless work of Faizon Love in cinema.  And, oh, was it glorious.  The film at hand is called…

Blue Crush

I’m sure that every single one of you has seen Blue Crush.  I’d even wager that you all have, at the very least, a DVD copy of this surprisingly enjoyable film.  I mean, come on.  Faizon strips down to a very skimpy swimming trunks.  What’s not to love about Love’s sexy love handles?

(higher quality version)
The surfing fun begins at precisely 6:10…

And as a super bonus, the DVD’s “Deleted Scenes” has TONS more of scenes of a shirtless Faizon Love.

For an even more added bonus, Mr. Faizon’s husky buddy in the film is George Veikoso (other known as Hawaii’s own music artist, Fiji).

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Mark “The Bear” Smith: He’s The Kine One Onolicious Bear, Bruddah!

I lived in the island of Oahu, Hawaii when I was a confused 11 year old until I was an even more confused 24 year old.  Checking out the MySpace Page of Mark “The Bear” Smith, he apparently was an island neighbor, just two hops away from me, in quite possibly the most beautiful island ever: Maui.  He is a beast of a bear yet possesses that cuddly and friendly face.  Case in point:

Not quite sure what fish it is, but all I could see is
Mr. Smith’s woofy face.  My voice then changes into
a badly impersonation of Al Pacino as I yell,


I also want to make a big woofy shout-out to my good friend, Greg, owner/moderator of the amazing Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group.  Every week, he always manages to find bears that I have not heard of and bears that I have forgotten.  Greg’s been practically doing it for about close to a decade now and he keeps wowing me with his woofy finds.  Case in point: Mr. Mark “The Bear” Smith.  If it wasn’t for Greg, I might have forgotten about “The Bear.”  That is not only unacceptable, but it should be downright illegal.

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