Shirtless Saturday: Keith “The Bear” AhSoon, Keala Watson, Other Beefy UH Warriors, & Vili The Warrior

Living in Hawai’i (gotta have that apostrophe) for most of my young adult and teenage years, I’ve always followed the University of Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors Football Team.  For obvious reasons, I was attracted by most of these men’s enormous builds.  Fast forward to now and there are two standouts from the 2007-2008 season: Offensive Lineman Keith “The Bear” AhSoon and Defensive Tackle Keala Watson…

All of these fantastic photos are taken from this website.



Back in 2006, “The Bear,” Keala, and their teammates had some pool fun after their game against ASU during the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl.  Hey, it’s Shirtless Saturday, so here they be…  You get to see more of the beefy Keith “The Bear” AhSoon while Keala Watson would pose in the back.  It’s interesting how their personality (just based on how they’d be in the photos) would match their football positions…






Finally, we get to somewhat see Mr. Keala Watson shirtless in the following two photos…



Here is Keala performing the Haka with his fellow UH Rainbow Warriors…




Okay, okay, so he’s not that shirtless, but damn, he’s way too hot.  Unfortunately, Keith AhSoon seems to have more photos.  Anyway, back to the shirtless programming…

keith-ahsoon-and-keala-watsonFor crying out loud, Keala!  Stop covering up!!!  🙂

keala-watson-02Er, actually, you can do whatever you want…  😦

Here’s “The Bear” practicing (shirtless, of course) in what he does best…




As if there’s not a lot of Keith AhSoon coverage, check out this thread about — who else? — Keith “The Bear” AhSoon!

And to end this post, how about some videos of the UH Rainbow Warriors’ mascot?  The massive Vili The Warrior!


3 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: Keith “The Bear” AhSoon, Keala Watson, Other Beefy UH Warriors, & Vili The Warrior Leave a comment

  1. Any of these man make me have wild dreams, but especially Vili the Warrior’s lightly hairy belly and the thought of him making haka live. Understand that these fantasies are wild, not erotic 😉

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