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BearMythology Version 5.0

Here I go again.

Last time I posted was on April of 2018. It’s getting close to April 2021, so it’s been three years since I was here. During that time, I would randomly post on tumblr. Continue reading BearMythology Version 5.0

Richard Karn: An Enduring Bear Icon

In one of my first blog entries, I had posted a screenshot of Richard Karn revealing his armpit.  I still remember being floored by that moment as I had spent years watching “Home Improvement” and waiting for some bonus Richard Karn shirtless goodness.  Yet, somehow, I managed to miss an episode or two where he briefly did show his bearish body.  Oh well.

Anyway, a buddy just IM’ed me and asked about the collage I did from that pretty bad movie where Mr. Karn showed the goods.  Well, here it is:

“Bram Stoker’s The Mummy”
aka “Direct To Video and DOA”

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