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Gus Rethwisch: Cavebear

I’m a horror movie buff, and I remember being disappointed with the sequel to House.  It was the very first hor-com that actually delivered the goods at the time.  Unfortunately, the sequel ended up being a “Weird Science-My Science Experiment-Real Genius”-clone.  Not that those movies were bad — in fact, I loved them.  Thing is, I was looking for a horror-comedy, and all I got was blah-comedy.  Still, a big bonus was the scene with a caveman, played by Gus Rethwisch.  He’s a strongman back in the day and also played a couple of minor roles that were pretty much about being a “big bad guy.”  Here’s a collage of him in the flick, House II: The Second Story.

Gus Rethwisch 01

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