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Jeff MacKay (10/20/1948 – 08/22/2008)

Photo courtesy of Center Blog

My post on Jeff Mackay was getting a lot of traffic and I had no idea why.  I then googled him and found out that he had passed away on August 22.

Whenever I look up to the heavens I’ll make sure to look out for you and the Cutter’s Goose…  Rest in peace, sir.

(higher quality version)

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Jeff Mackay: “Tales Of The Gold Monkey”


Tales of the Gold Monkey was one of my favorite shows as a kid.  I don’t quite remember it as vividly so I’m worried about my reaction if I watched it now with my older eyes.  One thing I do remember though was how crazy I got every time Mr. Jeff Mackay showed up on the little screen.  He had those cute round eyes, constant scruffy 6 O’Clock Shadow, and the adorable greasy mechanic overalls (lol, yeah, I said “adorable”).  Here’s a couple of YouTube clips from that classic 80’s show…