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Jim Greenleaf: “TAG: The Assassination Game”

Jim Greenleaf - TAG

I’ve posted a collage of Jim Greenleaf before in this post: [BearWTF?] BearMythology Tags Explained By Jim Greenleaf.  Anyway, as I’ve been going through my boxes of old VHS tapes to transfer them to DVD, I found Jim Greenleaf’s scene in a movie that I watched countless times on HBO: TAG: The Assassination Game.

Anyway, you’ll notice that there’s a few “VCR fast-forwarding” motions in this video and it’s probably because I was copying the scene from a rented VHS tape or probably from a copied video from HBO or something.  As you can see, I just want the good parts — shirtless scenes are just icing on the cake.

To this day, I have memorized all of Mr. Greenleaf’s lines in this scene.  My favorite is

You’re weird, Gersh.  I won.  You lost.  Somebody’s gotta lose.  So scram.  Take it on the lam.  I’m the champ.  HA-HAA!”

Quite possibly that adorable “HA-HAA!” is my favorite part.  Love the cockiness of it.

Check out more screenshots of this film in the bearmythology Flickr Photostream.

[BearWTF?] BearMythology Tags Explained By Jim Greenleaf

… [BearPit] … [BearBeat] … [BearFic] …

Now that I’ve finally written a Bear Fan Fiction, I can finally explain why I have certain posts with literal tags.  Those three [tags] are a bit more “special” to me as they relate to my intense fetishes and interests.  Though this is a personal blog, I still want to discuss my fetishes to a minimum.  BearMythology is first and foremost a celebration of bearish men — regardless of who and what they are.

Posts will be tasteful (subjective, of course) and non-explicit.  I want this to be read by those who are like me, and especially those who are just beginning to discover the strange and wonderful mystery of their unwavering attractions to our bearish kin.  You are not alone.  And being gay and being attracted to bears do not necessarily mean that you are always craving for sex and in a constant state of thinking “dirty thoughts.”  We love who we love and our attractions to them should be paid in kind with respect and dignity.  Yes, you can be as crass and as horny as you want, just as long as you know that there is also a time when you have to take a step back and realize that the god-like beings we worship are still human beings just like us…

That’s my personal belief that I try to impart; hopefully, they show up every time I post about a bearish man in this blog.

But here’s the rub.

As I have those three main [tags], I will be contradicting my personal belief.  Before I explain further, let me interject with a collage of Jim Greenleaf from a movie called — wait for it — Tag: The Assassination Game.


[BearPit] – Armpits.  That’s it.  I still have no clue why I am so obssessed over a big man’s armpits.  The thing is, I feel that I am violating a bearish man’s dignity by posting photos/videos/stories about their armpits.  Maybe I’m just referring to the heterosexual bears.  Either way, I just feel awkward when I talk about this.  To me, it’s like discussing that same bearish man’s no-no body part — you know, the one between the knees?  <wink>

[BearBeat] – I may be overreacting over the armpits fetish; however, this one is different.  Seeing a big bear gets punched in the gut, busted in the groin area, and gets completely dominated are very “erotic” to me.  However, I’m not talking about actual physical pain.  I’m more referring to a role-playing type (which is why pro-wrestling and movies/television are my good friends).  Still, how can I talk about “respect” when I get excited seeing them get kicked on the gonads?  <blush>

[BearFic] – Well, if anything, writing geeky, semi-erotic fan fiction is often an insult in itself.  (I’m sure if the actor Joey Oglesby read through my fan fiction, he’ll be a bit disturbed.)  <that’s pretty much all I can say on that topic!>

So there you have it.  Consider my [tags] as a warning where I delve into non-respectful and explicit posts — a complete antithesis of my whole BearMythology philosophy.