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Joshua Cadman: “The Sure Thing”

The Sure Thing was just one of those 80’s movies that I would watch every time it showed up on cable when I was a kid.  And when I was bored, I’d go to a local video store and rent it.  I’m not typically into romantic comedies, but for some reason, I enjoyed watching this movie.

It did have a “Bear Factor” and it was the presence of the adorably handsome Joshua Cadman.  He did not have a lot of scenes, but there was one part in particular that made me really interested in the movie.  His character, Jimbo, teaches John Cusack’s character, Gib, about sincerity and how it is the best technique to win a girl’s heart.  The following is that scene…

JIMBO: You know I’ve never met anyone like you before.  Usually when I meet someone new, I feel awkward and shy.  But with you it’s different.  I can talk to you.  You know what I’m thinking without my having to explain it to you in fancy terms.  We speak each other’s unspoken language.  Fluently.  I love you.

I have completely memorized that “sincerity vow” and I plan to use it one day.  Sadly, I’m still waiting to use it.  😉  Anyway, that was the very scene that thought me the word “fluently.”  I then remember being a 13 year old kid completely abusing that word from then on…

Anyway, here are more screenshots of the handsome Joshua Cadman.

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