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Joe Blanton: Phillies’ Game 4 Winner

The last time I posted about Joe Blanton this season, he was with the Oakland A’s.  Yesterday, he pitched in the World Series for the Philadelphia Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The result?  A Phillies win of 10-2 with Mr. Blanton hitting a solo home run in the fifth.  The Phillies now have a 3-1 lead.  Will they end the disappointing march of the Rays?  Or will the Rays persevere and tie the series?  We’ll find out on Tuesday…

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In the history of baseball, Joe Blanton is the 15th pitcher to ever hit a home run in a World Series.  Ken Holtzman (who was with the Oakland A’s) was the previous pitcher which dates all the way back to 1974!  Way to go, Joe!

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Joe Blanton: Grade A’s Bear

Joe Blanton is a woofy pitcher for the Oakland A’s.  He’s 27 years old, but looking at him, you’d think that he’s still in high school.

Make sure to check out his blog (Big Joe’s Bluegrass Blog) that he just started this year.  It’s pretty cool reading about what goes on in the mind of a baseball pitcher.  Also, make sure to read about his experiences in Japan.  It’s great reading.  I also love the fact that he interjects his writing with “y’all.”

And here’s Joe Blanton at a couple of parties.  The girl in both photos appears to be either very thirsty or her chiropractor had seriously done a bad number on her neck joint.

Big Joe is starting tonight against a former teammate, Dan Haren, who’s now with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  The odds are against Joe as Haren’s nearly unbeatable in Chase Field; Big Joe, on the other hand, is not doing as good.  On the other hand, the A’s bats are hitting the ball and the D’Backs are pretty cold right now.  Strong pitching typically wins games.  But, in this case, if Big Joe manages to control the D’Backs, the A’s will have another chance to win tonight.  Good luck, Joe!

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