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John Gemberling: “Fat Guy Stuck In Internet”

[EDIT: Luis from Portugal sent in this link from Wired.com.  Thanks, Luis!]

John Gemberling‘s series of shorts titled Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (originally just called “Gemberling”) was bought by The Cartoon Network and it’s now part of the [adult swim] lineup.

Best.  Outfit.  Ever.

Check out [adult swim] for the complete first episode (technically, it’s the second episode).  Or you can also download that episode from this link:

“Beast and Breakfast”

I’m still trying to find the first episode, so if there’s anybody out there who could find the Pilot Episode, it will be greatly appreciated.

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[BearBeat] John Gemberling: Goofy Chubby Gets Offed … Twice

I found out about John Gemberling in a bizarre and twisted film called Palindromes.  He had a short scene, and there are screenshots of it here (though he looks like a kid and even resembles Andy Milonakis, rest assured that he is of legal age).  ^_^

Mr. Gemberling has 2 MySpace pages:

John Gemberling’s MySpace #1
John Gemberling’s MySpace #2

The following YouTube shorts are of John Gemberling getting beat up and, sadly, killed.  The first video shows a lot of yummy belly shots, while the second video shows a quick reveal of his left armpit.

BearBeat Score:
2 out of 5 Pawnches

I had to give a low score because Gemberling’s two characters die.  That’s not good.  Also, in the first video, he was a bit too gay (lol) with the pirate delivery; while in the second video, he had too short of a screen time.