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Everlast: “Folsom Prison Blues”

[crackle src=/p/Everlast/Everlast_Folsom_Prison_Blues.swf&fv=id%3D2328017%26ml%3Do%253D12%2526fpl%253D304327%2526fx%253D;400;325]

I love Johnny Cash, and even though the purist in me wanted to react negatively to this Folsom Prison Blues remake, one reason that quickly alleviated my music snobbery was the fact it is being sung by Everlast.  Even if it wasn’t fronted by Everlast, this remake is not bad at all.  In fact, I love it.  The video’s awesome as well.

His new album (Love, War, And The Ghost Of Whitey Ford) comes out September 23.